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Without testing your mobile app, website, or SaaS before you release it to the general public, you run the risk of not meeting users’ expectations. This could lead to bad reviews, deletions, and ultimately lost revenue. But with multiple testing services available, how can you find a high quality testing service that not only meets your quality assurance needs pre-release but will continue to meet your needs as you add new iterations and features? 

Your agile development process deserves an agile testing service that will work with your product development team and managers to create a testing rhythm that suits your needs. Whether you want to conduct beta testing, usability testing, black box testing, or regression testing, test IO offers the modern, agile testing solutions and tools you need to meet users’ expectations time and time again. If you think an advanced level of testing is time-consuming or complicated, you’re actually mistaken.

The test IO testing platform makes it simple to set test parameters and within 24 hours of initiating a test cycle, your software development team can access meaningful and relevant test results. Our Bug Tracker offers detailed bug reports in real-time that provide visual evidence of our testers’ findings and have a ranking as to the severity of the bug. Additionally, the Bug Tracker can be integrated into your workflow to speed up development time. Our testing platform also offers you a Test Scheduler, so you can set an appropriate testing cadence. This testing tools keep your project on-track and reduce your chances of releasing an unsuccessful product.

The Crowdtesting Difference

Beyond offering an agile testing platform, what makes test IO’s testing service better than traditional hallway testing services or automated testing services? test IO’s on-demand, unlimited testing uses real people with real devices to meet your testing needs. By harnessing the power of the crowd -- called crowdtesting -- test IO can help you determine if your product is performing for unbiased users in real-world settings. 

Because test IO employs thousands of testers around the globe, we can also test at an unprecedented level. Our testers come from a variety of backgrounds, education levels, and locales, and many of them also have experience in the software field. There are additional distinct advantages to using professional crowdtesters test IO, including:
  • Accessing direct user feedback to help you focus on improving your product
  • Gaining fresh eyes to identify potential issues that might otherwise go undetected by your team
  • Being able to use testers who mirror your potential customers, making their feedback relevant
  • Using testers who are honest, experienced, and can maintain confidentiality
Without an agile testing service, you run the risk of failing to meet the needs and demands of today’s modern users. With fierce competition for apps and websites and software, the onus is on your team to release a product that will be used time and again because this is an age of constant iterations and updates. 

Customers expect it to work right the first time and every time after that. test IO can help you along the way by meeting all of your testing needs with our testing tools and professional crowdtesters. Take part in a free demo to see just how simple and effective it is to initiate a test cycle and view test results now.

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