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Increase Your iOS Mobile App’s Success with test IO’s Beta Testing Service

You don’t want to risk shipping a bad product by not performing beta testing. With over 940,000 apps across 2.1 billion devices (Flurry Analytics), you have little time to convince customers to keep and use your mobile app on a regular basis. iOS beta testing services can provide critical insights into how customers will respond to and interact with your iOS mobile app, so you can get it right the first time and decrease your chances of failing.

test IO’s testing service harnesses the power of the crowd by beta testing your iOS mobile app on a vast array of Apple devices in thousands of different environments under different conditions. This type of real-world beta testing can assist in affirming your iOS mobile app’s: quality, functionality, usability, reliability, security, and stability. test IO’s professional testers can mirror your target customer base as well, so you can get meaningful feedback on user experience from unbiased, expert testers.
test IO’s testing service provides you with:
Unlimited testing
Detailed bug reports
Bug fix confirmation
Identifying absent error conditions, interface glitches

test IO provides crowdtesters for iOS beta testing services and so much more. Our agile, easy-to-use testing platform allows you to continuously test your mobile app as you add new features and updates. Increase your odds of shipping an iOS mobile app that will meet users’ expectations and demands by performing beta testing. Learn more about test IO’s beta testing services today.


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