Crowdtesting Tip: Close the Feedback Loop

December 15, 2015

Crowdtesting gives you the chance to get feedback on bugs, usability, and features before you release it to the world. This in-the-wild and real-world evaluation of your app, website, or software is invaluable.

There is one thing you can to do to get even better reports from your crowd of testers: answer questions!

When you first set up a test cycle for your app, the testers are almost certainly going to have (pretty immediate) questions and concerns. If you can answer these promptly, your testers will be able to focus on what's most important, ignore the problems or issues you know about, and take into account any special circumstances.

Over time, you'll get better at writing project descriptions and testing briefs. At least in the beginning, make sure you and your team can address any tester questions and concerns from the get-go. If their questions aren’t answered, testers might lose patience and/or interest in what they are testing, and your bug reports won't be as detailed or as targeted.

In short, crowdtesting works best as a two-way feedback street. You hear from testers about bugs and gaps in your product, and testers hear from you about what they're doing right, doing wrong, can ignore, or should focus on.

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