test IO Welcomes Four New Team Members

November 29, 2016
Powen Shiah
Powen Shiah

Alexander Trapp

Alexander Trapp recently finished his Master’s degree in International Economics at the University of Göttingen. He has started here in his first full-time position as a Sales Development Representative. Although a definite change from the student life, he has come to feel at home here at test IO. In his free time, Alex enjoys being out in nature and recently went hiking in Australia and South Africa. He also makes a mean omelette. 

Sergej Grassman

Sergej Grassman was originally born in Siberia, Russia, but moved to Germany when he was 7. Having an interest in computers and technology since childhood, he went on to get his Bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin (The Berlin School for Business and Law). Prior to working as a Customer Success Manager with test IO, he worked as a Product Manager for LucaNet AG, a financial consolidation and planning firm. When he is not in the office, Sergej enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, and watching sci-fi movies.

IMG_0046-1-225x300Max Schultz is joining test IO as our new Head of Sales, US West. While studying Economics & Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California, Max was one of the first 15 employees at Crowdfunder, and launched his own furniture startup for the college market which built tables and nightstands with hidden safes. After a few years in LA, he returned home to the San Francisco Bay Area and joined a YC-backed SDK intelligence company. When he’s not in the office you can find him out on the water or in the mountains, skiing, hunting, fishing, and enjoying all things outdoors.

Ephraim Ramallo

Ephraim Ramallo was born in Peru and raised in Sweden, but has lived on three continents in over 15 different countries. With a degree in Economics from Lunds University, he has previously worked in customer facing positions at Tetra Pak, Johnson & Johnson, and Kellogg, where he gained wide experience in customer & vendor management within different European and South American markets. He joins test IO as a Customer Success Manager. Outside of the office, he is an avid traveller and dog-owner. Both of them plan to hitchhike around Japan in 2017. 

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