Top 10 QA Conferences 2019

January 25, 2019
John Kensinger
John Kensinger

There's an endless number of DevOps and QA events happening across the world this year. After hearing from some of our customers and discussing from San Francisco to Berlin, here’s our list of the top 10 most exciting conferences to attend this year (in no particular order).

  1. SaaStr Annual

    SaaStr is the largest non-vendor confab in the world, providing a meeting place for the B2B SaaS community.

    - Location - San Jose

    - Dates - February 5-7

  2. Mobile World Congress

    Mobile World Congress is the largest gathering of mobile industry aficionados.

    - Location - Barcelona

    - Dates - February 25-28

  3. Software Test Professionals Conference (STPCon)

    The Software Test Professionals Conference is the largest convergence point of test leadership, management and strategy.

    - Location - San Francisco

    - Dates - April 1-4


    Two of the longest-running and most highly regarded conferences on software testing and QA.

    - Locations - Anaheim, CA: Orlando

    - Dates - April 28-May 3, September 29-October 4


    STARCANADA is part of the STAR conference family and is equally as renowned.

    - Location - Toronto

    - Dates - October 20-25

  6. EuroSTAR

    EuroSTAR is an independent (not part of the above STAR family) and widespread community of software testers that work collaboratively toward advancing their professions as well as their potential.

    - Location - Prague

    - Dates - November 11-14

  7. Agile Testing Days

    Thought of as one of the greatest testing conferences in Europe for anyone working on an Agile team with a focus on software testing and QA.

    - Location - Chicago

    - Dates - June 23-27

  8. CA Continuous Delivery & Agile Summit

    Focuses on the convergence of Agile and Continuous Delivery combined with advanced automated operations and release technology.

    - Location - London

    - Dates - February 28

  9. DevNexus

    The DevNexus Conference aims to connect developers worldwide, provide affordable education, and promote the value of Open Source thinking.

    - Location - Atlanta

    - Dates - March 6-8

  10. QCon London

    A conference created for team leads, architects and project managers, that focuses on innovation in enterprise software.

    - Location - London

    - Dates - March 4-6

We hope to see you at one of these fantastic events this year!

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