Company size: Enterprise
Company location: Baden-Baden, Germany
Testing Type: Functional & Usability
App Type: Web and Mobile (iOS)

You’re sitting at the office making plans for the long weekend. Craving some beach time, you decide on a trip. You search the web for a last-minute deal. Already imagining your feet in the sand and the cool sea breeze, you’re ready to book it.

Then the site freezes.

You’re frustrated, even angry. Your plans are gone, so now you’ll use a different site. This is what travel sites must avoid because bugs and bad user experience mean lost revenue.

Every customer — every click — matters. That’s why L’TUR has chosen test IO to test their web and mobile platforms.

About L’TUR

For almost 30 years, L’TUR has been Europe’s market leader in the Last Minute travel sector. Founded in 1987 by Karlheinz Kögel in Baden-Baden, Germany, the Last Minute specialist is now represented in five countries. L‘TUR is both tour organizer and extremely strong retail brand and operates as a multi-channel provider on all customer-relevant channels. The company has partnerships with approximately 250 airlines and 20,000 hotels and generates more than 200 million Last Minute offers daily. In 2010, they launched their first booking app. Since then they have added a multitude of other apps, products and features like L’TUR Budget, L’TUR Bonus and, most recently, L’TUR Cruises.

A Fast Team Needed Flexible Testing

L’TUR’s platform development team works fast, with two-week feature sprints. Because of L’TUR’s dynamic platform, special offers and flash sales can go from concept to production in a day. Therefore, they needed testing to produce results quickly with the flexibility to accommodate last-minute changes. Although L’TUR has an internal QA team, they found themselves facing the traditional challenges:

  • Limited time
  • Limited resources
  • A big test matrix with many devices

Partnering with test IO

After hearing of test IO’s successful relationships with other travel companies, L’TUR decided to try crowdsourced testing. By partnering with test IO, L’TUR has access to thousands of professional testers who ensure that their web and mobile platforms work seamlessly across a spectrum of devices and operating systems under real-world conditions. L’TUR’s increased testing capabilities have helped them to shorten the time between development and release. Senior Platform Manager Henning Rix emphasizes that, “The user interface has improved tremendously and the internal time spent on testing has dropped at the same time” and that quick results from a range of browsers and devices let L’TUR push new features with confidence.

Rix underscores that, “If [a bug] ends up on my test IO dashboard, I know someone should get right on it.” And that’s exactly what happens — 95% of bugs discovered by test IO’s testers were fixed within two weeks! Some release cycles are so short that code is pushed directly into production and immediately tested by the test IO team. Since test IO’s bug reports include screenshots, video recordings and crash logs, internal teams can pinpoint errors and fix them right away as needed, saving precious time.

test IO’s testers also provide usability feedback. The opinions of real-world testers from different walks of life can never be automated, which makes them particularly valuable. Rix notes, “We’ve learned a lot about our user experience from testers.” This kind of feedback not only addresses the platform in its current form, but helps shape their emerging products by giving insight into L’TUR customers’ wants and needs.