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Mobile Testing


Continuously Ship High-Quality Mobile Experiences

If you let a bug loose on your mobile app, you’ll quickly (and publicly) hear about it from your customers. We offer the world's most comprehensive suite of mobile app testing services, from testing by real people on real devices to mobile test automation services that exercise your code against devices in the lab with every build. 

We Manage the Complexity of Real-World Mobile Testing

The power of our 400,000+ crowdtesting community is unrivaled. This diverse crowd tests the devices that you need tested under real conditions. We distribute pre-release versions of your apps to our testers easily and securely via our enterprise resigner, so you can ship with confidence.

We Drive Long-Term Value by Integrating Mobile Test Automation

If you need automation support, our team of testing experts drive sustained value by fully integrating mobile test automation into your development and testing processes, ensuring that tests become quality gates in your pipeline and run in parallel on various devices. 

We Leverage Tools to Accelerate Your Mobile Testing

With more than 10 EPAM testing accelerators and 50+ open source tools and frameworks, we optimize your mobile testing journey at every stage. Plus, our partnership with Sauce Labs enables you to run your automated tests in the cloud on real devices.


NelsonHall Vendor Profile

Leading analyst firm NelsonHall published an in-depth vendor profile of EPAM Test IO, highlighting our key service offerings.


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