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Perform Browser Compatibility Testing Before You Launch

Before you launch your website, you want to all but guarantee users will have a positive experience–lost interaction because of usability issues or bugs results in lost revenue, particularly for e-commerce companies.

You can’t just expect that users will be exploring your website in common mobile browsers found on iPhones and Androids, such as Safari and Chrome or on common desktop browsers, such as Firefox and Microsoft Edge. You have to check for browser compatibility with lesser-used browsers, as well as also consider various browser versions.

Managing all of these considerations as well as user expectations can be overwhelming. That’s why employing a browser compatibility testing service before you launch will increase your chances of success and decrease the stress of your.

Browser compatibility testing can be performed in various ways, but one of the most meaningful browser compatibility testing tools available is crowdtesting. Crowdtesting harnesses the power and insights of real users around the world to test your website and web pages, so you can work out bugs and issues before you make your website available for general consumption.

The Crowdtesting Difference

What distinguishes test IO’s testing platform and testing tools from other testing services is the level of experience and professionalism our crowdtesters brings to the table when they test your website for browser compatibility.

With thousands of crowdtesters around the world at our disposal, test IO can assign testers who closely resemble your intended user demographic. And rather than being limited by a testing script or being hampered by biases that in-house testers might have, test IO’s crowdtesters use their expertise to:

Uncover unanticipated browser compatibility issues
Determine if real users can navigate your website without difficulties
Analyze your product for browser compatibility across a spectrum of devices
Provide meaningful and useful feedback in real-time

The test IO testing platform is user-friendly and makes it simple to create new tests or perform continuous testing. test IO specializes in providing testing solutions to meet a range of needs beyond just browser compatibility testing. From usability testing to beta testing to mobile cross-browser testing, test IO’s crowdtesters provide critical feedback to help you continuously meet user expectations.

To see how test IO can meet your testing tool needs with our premium testing services, contact us today!


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