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Using Crowdtesters to Perform an Internet Explorer Compatibility Test

For some Windows users, Internet Explorer is still the browser of choice, particularly for users running Windows 7. When you design your web page, you would be remiss by not accounting for these users. Cross-browser compatibility tests can help ensure your site visitors have a positive experience whether they are using Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome or another web browser.

There are certainly open-source browser compatibility tests available to use, but while they can test your website’s functionality in Internet Explorer, this type of automated testing cannot account for visual appearance or user experience. By performing cross-browser compatibility tests with crowdtesters, however, your web page with be checked for not only functionality and security but also usability.

test IO is a modern, agile testing service that harnesses the power of real people with real devices to meet your testing needs. Our crowdtesters can closely align to your target audience, so the feedback you receive is particularly meaningful. test IO’s crowdtesters can use a vast array of machines with various web browsers, including multiple Internet Explorer versions. test IO’s crowdtesters can:

Provide realistic scenarios of use that are unattainable in a lab setting
Use their human discretion and accumulated knowledge to discover flaws
Deliver feedback with visuals when applicable and answer follow-up questions

Performing cross-browser compatibility testing doesn’t have to be stressful, time-consuming, or expensive. With the test IO testing platform, you can initiate test cycles easily and view your test results in real-time on a continuous basis. Your web page should meet expectations and perform no matter if your visitors are using Internet Explorer or a more modern web browser. Let test IO help you succeed. Learn more about all of our testing services today.


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