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Perform Thorough Chrome Cross-Browser Testing with Crowdtesters

Testing your website and web applications has to be thorough. While your app might be functioning as expected in the Chrome mobile browser on an iOS device, it might not perform properly in the Chrome browser on an Android device. With all the possibilities of browsing Chrome on different PC and mobile devices with different operating systems, with different browser versions, it can be challenging to trust that your site or app will meet user expectations.

That’s why performing Chrome cross-browser testing is so essential.

There is no one-size-fits-all cross-browser testing option, but you definitely want to make sure your web app or website not only functions properly but also appears pleasing. Automated tests can certainly test for functionality but cannot ascertain how humans will feel about the design and interface. This is why using crowdtesters to meet your cross-browser testing needs is such a viable and powerful option.
Crowdtesting as a Service
Good crowdtesting means employing real users with real devices to check your software for any number of things. Crowdtesters can perform exploratory tests, regression tests, cross-browser tests, and more.

Unlike automated tests that follow a linearly designated path, crowdtesters can provide real-world usability feedback based on how they actually interacted with your software. They can think outside-of-the-box and take a more creative approach to browsing your web app or website in Chrome, Safar, Firefox, or any other browser.

At test IO, we have thousands of crowdtesters around the world at our disposal. These professional testers have an array of educational backgrounds, access to various devices, and have a variety of hobby and interests. That means we can closely align our testers to your expected user. Our expert testers provide honest, meaningful feedback about how your website or web app functions in Chrome and more.

The benefits of using test IO’s testing service include testers who:

Give high-quality, useful feedback and not just noise
Provide videos, screenshots, and other visual evidence of positives and negatives
Test your product in real-world conditions at an unprecedented scale
Help make sure poor or incomplete products don’t lose you revenue
The test IO testing platform is intuitive and easy to use, so you can immediately begin creating test cycles and setting test parameters today. You can then perform future tests when the need arises, even at short notice. You are able to view your test results in real time, and your developers can ask testers questions directly, too. Everything you need to perform cross-browser testing and more is right at your fingertips.

Your potential customers want a positive experience when they use your web app or website. In fact, they demand it. Test your software thoroughly with the help of test IO. Learn more about our agile, modern testing platform now.


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