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Can You Succeed with Just Free Cross-Browser Testing Tools?

There are various platforms that offer free cross-browser testing tools for your website or web application. But when it comes to guaranteeing your website will perform on a vast array of desktop browsers and mobile browsers, do you really want to chance it?

There are over a billion websites out there, and the painful truth is that if customers don’t have a positive user experience with your website on the first try, they’ll move on. So you can start testing with a free Selenium automated test, but the problem with automated tests is they can’t account for the actual human experience. They can’t tell you if your website is visually appealing, and they can’t always account for the unpredictability of human nature. That’s where crowdtesting comes in.

Crowdtesting works in conjunction with automated cross-browser testing. It harnesses the power of the crowd by using real people with real devices to evaluate not only functionality and responsiveness but also the user experience of your website, web page, or web application. It’s interactive cross-browser testing at its best. By using professional crowdtesters, you reduce the risk of launching a sub-par website.

test IO’s expert crowdtesters can evaluate your website, web page, or web application using an array of mobile devices from Androids to iPhones to less popular brands to a wide variety of real desktop machines with multiple browsers from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge to Internet Explorer.

Our professional crowdtesters have:

A broad knowledge of possible issues your team may not have considered
Deep testing experience and diverse backgrounds and educations
The ability to approach your website or web page without biases or expectations

Crowdtesting fills the gaps left by automated testing. It provides you with the feedback and guidance you need to launch and update your website continuously. You can’t afford to risk launching a website that fails to meet user expectations. Free cross-browser testing tools will not be able to provide you with all the testing tools you need to succeed, but test IO can provide you with all the testing tools and services you require. With test IO you get:

Unlimited testing
Detailed bug reports
A dedicated customer success manager
Timely test results

Get a free demo and learn more about how crowdtesting can help your website, web page, or web application succeed today.


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