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Perform Cross-Browser Testing for Internet Explorer & More

When you launch a website, web page, or web application, you need to consider many things, but arguably, the most important consideration is how your website performs on any given browser. While no longer as popular as desktop browsers, such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome or Firefox, Internet Explorer is still the browser of choice for some Windows users (hence the importance of Internet Explorer cross-browser testing). Those same users might be running various Internet Explorer versions, too. That makes it necessary to perform cross-browser testing for all of those options, as well as mobile browser options, such as Safari.

Consequently, managing cross-browser testing can be nightmarish for your web designers and QA team because of all these considerations. But the need to test your website remains. That’s where a professional testing service can help.

test IO provides agile, human-powered QA testing as a service with crowdtesters. test IO’s crowdtesters are real people located around the world who use their real devices to perform cross-browser testing, functionality testing, usability testing, and more. But these aren’t just any people.

test IO selects testers who are:

These characteristics enable them to provide your web developers with honest, unbiased, and meaningful feedback that you simply won’t get with an automated testing platform or in-house testers.

The test IO platform is an on-demand testing service, so you can perform cross-browser testing on a continuous basis.

All the testing tools you require can be easily accessed from one place. test IO gives you more than just test results. Our services include:

Phone, email, and chat support
A Customer Success Manager
Unlimited testing with detailed bug reports
Professional testers who closely align to your client profiles

So, whether users come to your website, web page, or web application through Internet Explorer, another desktop browser, or a mobile browser, you can put your best foot forward by launching a fully tested product.

Learn more about everything test IO has to offer you today.


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