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Cross-Browser Testing Service for Microsoft Edge & More

The challenge in launching a website or web application is ensuring it performs under a variety of conditions, but one main consideration is accounting for different browsers. You want your website to be appealing and easy-to-use whether a user opens it in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or even Internet Explorer. Automated testing can help work out bugs, but cross-browser testing along a happy path cannot always account for the unpredictability of human nature. That’s why you should also consider performing cross-browser testing with a crowdtesting service.
With thousands of crowdtesters at our disposal, test IO can quickly convene a group of testers to meet your needs.
Our professional crowdtesters can be selected to mirror your intended audience or customer and have been chosen for their strengths such as:


With these characteristics, they approach your website or web application with fresh, unbiased eyes to examine not only the functionality but user experience of your design. They can use an array of desktop browsers from Microsoft Edge to older versions of Firefox. They can also test a wide variety of mobile browsers. Our testers can use a test script or perform exploratory testing. You decide. With test IO’s agile, cloud-based testing platform, you can set test parameters and view test results with ease.

The reality is users expect to navigate through your website without any hassle regardless of the web browser they are using, or they will move on. With over a billion websites out there, you can’t afford to lose your audience and potential revenue. Your web developers have to account for different web browsers, as well as operating system, screen size, and even varying browser versions. Performing cross-browser testing with real people affirms your website or web applications:

And more

Don’t launch a website or web application without performing cross-browser testing for Microsoft Edge and more.

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