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First Impressions Matter: The Need for Online Cross-Browser Testing

Before you launch your website or web application, your developers have to factor in multiple variables of usage. Users will go online to your website using mobile devices and desktop PCs. These devices might have various operating systems, screen resolutions, and, of course, different browsers. That’s why you need to test your website to see how it performs under all these conditions. With thorough cross-browser testing, you can launch with greater confidence and make that ever-important first impression.

Some web developers perform cross-browser testing with virtual machines or in device labs. The problem with this type of testing is that it cannot provide insights into user experience. It is not enough to test for browser compatibility alone because when users go online, they have expectations. And failure to meet those expectations, resulting in lost revenue.
The Crowdtesting Solution
Cross-browser testing can be performed by an automated testing service and with crowdtesting. Crowdtesting involves using real people with real devices to evaluate your website or web application and provide you with meaningful feedback to work out bugs and flaws before you launch and as you make changes.

At test IO, our professional crowdtesters can:

Explore your website to see what needs or expectations are not being met
Provide direct user feedback to focus on improvements
Affirm the usability, security, reliability, and quality of your website 

test IO employs thousands of crowdtesters all over the world, who will test your website based on your specific needs. With the test IO testing platform, you can easily set test parameters. Our expert testers will then use all the applicable devices they have at their disposal to test your website or web application. You’ll learn how they experienced your website in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and more. They can test your website with iOS devices, Androids, Windows machines, and Macs. They can follow a test script or perform exploratory testing. Everything you need to perform cross-browser testing can be found on the test IO platform.

In addition to cross-browser testing, test IO offers cloud-based testing tools for:

Beta testing
Exploratory testing
Usability testing
Regression testing
Functional testing

Don’t risk making a bad first impression by not thoroughly testing your website or application.

Take a closer look at all of the benefits and features of test IO’s testing services today.


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