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Perform Cross-Browser Testing for Open-Source Browsers & More

The reality is that people won’t just come to your website, web application, or web page through popular web browsers found on their Windows machines and mobile devices. Some users opt for open source browsers, such as Firefox, and if you want them to have a positive experience with your website or web application, you should conduct open source browser testing to see how it performs. While automated testing can help work out some of the bugs in your design, it often takes real people to determine usability.

One meaningful cross-browser testing tool is crowdtesting. Crowdtesting involves harnessing the power of the crowd: Real people with real devices examining your product for bugs and usability. They use a wide variety of devices with different operating systems and different browsers, including open-source browsers, to provide your designers and developers with feedback.
Testing with test IO
test IO provides quality assurance testing as a service by using crowdtesters. Our cloud-based testing platform has all the easy-to-access functions you need right at your fingertips to conduct manual tests. You can set cross-browser testing parameters, and test IO can quickly convene a group of testers. We can even select testers based on your specific testing needs.

test IO’s professional crowdtesters:

Come from a variety of backgrounds and educational experiences
Use visual aids when applicable to show you exactly what they found
Provide honest feedback and are available for follow-up questions
Are open-minded, curious, focused, and flexible
People today don’t have the time or patience for websites, web pages, and web applications that are buggy, unresponsive, or difficult to navigate. Whether they are using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or an open-source browser, you want them to have a positive experience and to come back again and again.

One of the most significant quality assurance measures you can take is to perform cross-browser testing. Testing doesn’t have to be time-consuming, stressful, or expensive. Let test IO do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on more important things.

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