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The Necessity of Safari Cross-Browser Testing

Recent data shows that a majority of mobile users in the US are using Apple devices. That makes Safari the most popular mobile browser. Unfortunately for web page and web application designers, it isn’t enough to just make sure your product runs properly on the latest version of Safari on the latest iPhone. Web pages and web applications can perform differently based on not just browser, but also on the browser version, operating system, and mobile device. Because your website can be your calling card and your storefront, you need to account for all these potential variables to be successful. Not to mention also accounting for the many different browsers people are using that aren’t Safari, such as Chrome and Android options as well. That’s where cross-browser testing can help.

To test all these possibilities on your own would be time-consuming and potentially expensive. And when you perform testing in-house, your testers could fall prey to their own expectations and biases. The better solution is utilizing the service of crowdtesting. Crowdtesting involves real people with real devices using real browsers to inspect your web page for flaws and issues that might lead to negative user experiences.
Cross-Browser Testing with test IO
Thorough cross-browser testing will check your web page or web application in all the popular browsers, such as Safari and Chrome, as well as lesser-used browsers, such as Internet Explorer. An agile testing platform should also facilitate creating the test parameters you want and need to confidently launch your page or app.

test IO can deliver all the tools you need to perform cross-browser testing, regression testing, usability testing, and more. We employ thousands of testers from around the world to help you deliver the best product possible. Using an array of devices, platforms, and browsers, test IO’s crowdtesters provide immediate feedback on:


With real people looking at your web page or app who aren’t affiliated with it but have experience, you can trust that you will get honest, meaningful feedback from test IO. Our crowdtesters can mirror your target audience, as well. We can meet all your cross-browser testing needs and more.

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