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Using Crowdsourced Quality Assurance (QA) to Deliver High Quality Software

Software developers are under tremendous pressure to deliver better software in less time, which has precipitated the rise of DevOps. DevOps must consider a software from beginning to end, so DevOps includes everyone from project managers to security to quality assurance (QA). QA is such a significant facet of DevOps because it helps ensure users accept software.

In-house QA teams can increase your chances of success but they aren’t without risk. That’s why crowdsourced QA practices are on the rise.

Crowdsourced QA means employing real users with real devices in a wide variety of locations to evaluate your software and provide meaningful feedback. It is all about harnessing the power of a crowd of testers to identify ways to make your product work better for users. Trying to assemble such a group on your own will be time-consuming and potentially expensive.

Today, there are powerful crowdtesting services to instantly provide your DevOps with a crowdsourced QA team.

test IO: A Professional Crowdsourced QA Testing Service
test IO can facilitate all the software tests you need with our expert crowdtesters. Using our intuitive testing platform, you can enable complex and specific testing processes, from usability testing to exploratory testing to regression testing. Our professional testers come from a variety of educational backgrounds and often have backgrounds in software development. As opposed to your in-house QA team, our crowdsourced testers can:

Perform an array of tests on mobile apps and/or web pages with many different devices
Discover hidden bugs and critical issues that might limit functionality
Approach software with fresh eyes without holding potential biases or expectations
Provide honest real-world user experience feedback
test IO’s agile, high quality testing platform can easily handle all of your software testing needs on demand. Your team can create test parameters, launch a new test, and review test results in real time. Consequently, your DevOps team will be able to focus on making improvements and releasing software with confidence. Today’s software users are impatient and have high standards; software that doesn’t meet their wants and needs will be quickly abandoned.

To learn more about how test IO’s crowdsourced testers can benefit your team, reach out today!


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