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Will Free Exploratory Testing Tools Meet Your Standards?

The old adage, “you get what you pay for,” holds true in a variety of instances, but especially when it comes to software testing. Sometimes taking shortcuts by finding and using free exploratory testing tools can result in problems going undetected. Whether you are releasing a new application, software, or launching a website, if you fail to detect bugs that results in a negative user experience, then you will not only tarnish your brand, you will also lose clients and the revenue associated with them. Exploratory testing is an invaluable testing tool, so finding the right testing service–even if it’s not free–will ultimately save you time and money down the road.

Exploratory testing done right involves freeing testers from scripts or rigid test scenarios, so they can instinctively interact with your software and document critical issues. Exploratory testing tools focus on determining what the purpose of the product is, if the product does what it was meant to do, and uncovering areas of potential instability. While you might find free exploratory testing tools, you can’t guarantee the quality of exploratory tester will meet your standards.

At test IO, we employ professional exploratory testers from around the world. Using their real devices in a variety of locations and under varying circumstances, our crowd of testers can explore your software with creativity and without biases, scripts, or expectations. Using our agile testing platform, you can set test parameters and then sit back and see what our crowdtesters discover in real-time.

What makes test IO’s testers qualified to handle your product?

At test IO, we seek out individuals who excel in the areas of:


With thousands of experienced crowdtesters at our disposal, test IO can assign dozens to hundreds of them to your mobile app, website, or software, where they will use their strengths to suss out bugs and defects. This kind of exploratory testing tool can free up your developers to release high-quality software that will meet and exceed user expectations. And exploratory testings doesn’t have to be–actually shouldn’t be–a one time deal, especially in the case of mobile apps and websites. You can create tests on-demand as you release new iterations or pages. Ready to learn more about test IO’s exploratory testing tools?

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