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If your mobile application for an Android device isn't up to par, then you'll pay for it in the long run, either with low app store ratings or lost e-commerce revenue. Users today have little time for mobile apps that freeze, crash, respond slowly, or take a heavy toll on your battery.

But there are a lot of aspects to consider when you are developing a mobile app for Android devices. For instance, you can't merely design your mobile app for one specific Android. You need to know how your product runs on different mobile devices within the Android family because there can be differences in memory, screen size, CPU, operating systems, and hardware. You should also consider how your mobile app will function on cheaper mobile devices running some variant of Android. Before you launch your mobile app, reduce your chances of customers having a bad experience by utilizing Android app testing services from test IO. 

test IO can help ensure your mobile application's success with our array of testing services. Unlike traditional testing services and testing solutions or automated testing, test IO harnesses the power of the crowd to fully evaluate your Android app end-to-end. We can perform functional testing and usability testing to evaluate not just your software but also user experience. Our mobile app testing services puts your mobile application in the hands real people with different devices around the world.

What Are the Benefits of Crowdtesting with test IO?

Unlike some mobile testing services, test IO employs professional crowdtesters on real devices who:

- Closely resemble your target audience
- Craft real-world situations while testing your Android app
- Often have experience as software professionals
- Provide structured feedback with appropriate supporting evidence

From the app development stage through each iteration of your product, test IO's testing team can perform mobile app testing for your enterprise on a continuous basis. You can easily create test cases and quickly evaluate test results in real time on the test IO platform. At test IO, we make mobile application testing straightforward and simple, so you can produce software that will meet user expectations time and again.

Reach out to us today to see how test IO's Android app testing tools can help you meet user expectations and launch a successful Android app.


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