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Testing Your Android App with test IO’s Cloud-Based Platform

Cloud-based testing services can be a game-changer for Android app developers. But when it comes to choosing a testing service, you would be remiss if you only conducted automated tests or in-house tests. These types of testing can leave bugs undetected and might not provide critical insights into user experience. In order to launch your Android app with success and to continue to meet user expectations, you should consider a cloud-based platform that provides manual Android Cloud testing options.

At test IO, we offer a variety of testing services by harnessing the power of real people with real devices who test your Android app in a variety of situations to discover hidden issues and evaluate usability. Our cloud-based testing platform is user-friendly, so you can easily initiate a test cycle and then review test results in real-time.

test IO’s professional crowdtesters generally mirror your target audience, provide meaningful feedback that isn’t just noise, and often have backgrounds in the software field.
Our testers can perform a variety of tests on your Android app:
Beta testing
Usability testing
Beta testing
Functional testing
Exploratory testing

When you use our cloud-based platform, you will set test parameters, initiate a test cycle, and then our crowdtesters will go to work on an extensive array of Android devices with varying operating systems, screen sizes, browsers, and so forth. test IO provides full-coverage of Android devices that would be difficult to duplicate in-house.

Competition for creating a mobile app that will be downloaded and used on a regular basis is fierce. Don’t risk your chances for success by merely performing automated tests. Take a closer look at all the features and benefits of test IO’s cloud-based testing platform today.


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