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Testing Your Android Apps Using Real People On Real Devices

If your mobile app testing for your Android app isn’t up to par, you’ll inevitably pay for it in more app deletions, poor app store ratings, and fewer downloads. Customers expect your mobile app to run flawlessly and meet their expectations the first time. One way to ensure Android mobile app users have a positive experience with your Android app is to conducting Android real device testing with real users with real devices in real-world settings.

Mobile testing with crowdtesters does just that. At test IO, we employ thousands of crowdtesters all over the globe who can meet all of your testing needs. They can use an array of Android devices in a variety of geographic locations under different scenarios to test your Android app for stability, security, usability, and more.
The benefits of Android app testing with test IO’s crowdtesters who use their real devices include:
Gaining access to testers who approach your mobile app without cognitive biases or expectations but with fresh eyes to get feedback from real people
Obtaining comprehensive Android device coverage, so your software is analyzed across a spectrum of not just devices but also browsers, operating systems, and so forth
Discovering previously undetected issues not just before you launch but as you introduce new features and iterations
The test IO cloud-based testing platform is agile and easy to use, so you can initiate test cycles and review your test results. Our crowdtesters report bugs and provide all the meaningful feedback you will need to improve your Android app’s success.

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