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Remote Device Testing Your Android App with Crowdtesters

Testing your mobile app using remote testing practices can be more trouble than it’s worth. Instead of trying to coordinate real devices from Android to iOS devices remotely, you could get advanced device coverage and relevant feedback with crowdtesters.

Mobile app testing with crowdtesters means allowing real people to use their real devices in real-world settings to test your mobile app for bugs, usability issues, and more. At test IO, we employ thousands of experienced testers from all around the world, who can evaluate your mobile app on their Apple or Android devices or even less popular mobile devices quickly and efficiently.
test IO’s expert testers:
Are selected to mirror your target audience when necessary
Have backgrounds in software development in many instances
Test your mobile app on a vast array of devices in real-world conditions and scenarios
Report bugs and issues that might otherwise have gone undetected
Provide visual evidence from their experience and can answer follow-up questions directly
The test IO testing platform is agile and intuitive, so you can easily set up test cycles on an on-demand basis as you introduce new updates and features. With fast and meaningful feedback, your DevOps and QA teams can spend more time focusing on producing a successful mobile app and less time on trying to manage remote device tests and test results. test IO’s crowdtesters can perform beta testing, usability testing, regression testing, and more for iOS and Android apps.

Don’t risk launching a mobile app that doesn’t meet and exceed user expectations. Let test IO’s expert testers help you with all of your testing needs. Learn more about all of our services and benefits today.


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