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The Limitations of Free Mobile App Testing

Whether you’re launching a mobile app for iOS or the Android platform, you want to make sure when your product reaches customers they have a positive experience. While there are free mobile app testing tools available, such as Appium or Calabash, these automated testing platforms have limitations. In particular, they can’t perform UI tests or account for overall user experience.

User experience will make or break your mobile app. For that reason alone, in addition to performing automated testing, it is essential to conduct manual mobile testing to evaluate how your mobile app works for real people using real devices, from iPhones to Androids to tablets and more. Some enterprises create device labs to run their product, and while that can also be helpful, it fails to account for how your mobile app performs in a variety of locations, and it can also create unnecessary costs and managerial headaches. So, what’s one scalable solution? Crowdtesting.

Crowdtesting harnesses the power of people from across the globe who use a vast array of real mobile devices to explore and report on their experience using your mobile app. It proves beneficial to utilize crowdtesting before you launch your mobile app because it allows you to work out bugs and other issues. But, by utilizing continuous testing with crowdtesters, you can lower the risk of integrating features or updates that might turn customers away.
Crowdtesting with test IO
test IO offers powerful, agile crowdtesting services to help your mobile apps, even native apps, succeed time and again. Our testing platform enables you to create the test framework that suits your mobile testing needs and then receive feedback from our professional testers in real time. Mobile app testing doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive; at test IO we make testing simple and straightforward.

At test IO, our expert crowdtesters are:

Located around the world, so you can choose where you want your mobile app tested
Free from biases, expectations, and test scripts, unlike in-house testers
Professionals who often bring backgrounds in software engineering with them
Able to provide structured feedback to your DevOps team with supporting visual evidence when applicable

With test IO, you can better beta testing, usability testing, regression testing, and more for Android apps, iOS apps, and mobile web apps. The market for mobile apps is competitive and fierce and users are impatient and demanding. Our testing platform and testing automation tools help you reduce the risk of releasing a product that fails to meet user expectations and needs.

To learn more about the drawbacks of free mobile app testing and the benefits of working with test IO’s crowdtesters, reach out to us today.


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