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If your mobile application for an Apple device isn’t up to par, then you’ll pay for it in the long run, either with low app store ratings, app deletions, and ultimately, lost revenue. Users today have little time for iOS apps that freeze, crash, respond slowly, or take a heavy battery toll. Whether you’re using Xcode or some other platform to develop your iOS app, one way to avoid negative user experiences is by performing iOS app testing.

When you are developing a mobile app for Apple devices you have to consider a variety of factors: how the iOS application performs on an iPhone or an iPad; which operating systems is on the device: what the screen size is; and more. To perform software testing, you could create a device lab, utilize UI automation services, or rely on in-house feedback. But there are problems with each of these testing processes.
Evaluate your iOS App with Crowdtesters
The best way to see how your iOS app performs is by testing it with real users on real devices. test IO can help ensure your iOS application’s success and save you time and money with an array of testing services performed by professional crowdtesters. Unlike automated testing solutions and in-house testing solutions, test IO’s crowdtesters can fully evaluate your iOS app without bias and offer important feedback on user experience. Our testers mimic real users with Apple devices running various iOS versions around the globe — and in a variety of situations — to see how your iOS app performs. They can conduct functional testing, manual testing, beta testing, UI testing, and more on their mobile devices.

Our expert crowdtesters generally have:

Extensive iOS testing experience
A broad knowledge of possible issues related iOS apps
No biases or expectations of how your product should perform on their iOS devices
Experience as software professionals

From the software development stage through continuous integration of new app features, test IO’s crowdtesters team can perform mobile app testing for you as needed and provide you with structured feedback with appropriate supporting evidence. Also, with an easy-to-use, agile mobile testing platform, your team can specify the test framework and then evaluate test results in real time.

iOS app testing for mobile devices doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. At test IO, we make software testing simple and straightforward, so you can acquire the feedback you need to meet and exceed user expectations, repeatedly.

Reach out to us today to see how test IO’s testing tools can help you meet user expectations and launch a successful iPhone app.


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