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Thoroughly Test Your iOS App Online with test IO

Right now the competition between iOS apps is fierce. If your iOS app has bugs or doesn’t provide a positive user experience, then you can lose your audience and the potential revenue they will generate. But in order to fully test an iOS app online means you have to consider that users will be interacting with your mobile app on an array of iOS devices with various OS versions. It can be a lot to manage. In order to launch your app with confidence, conducting tests online is a must — but how you test matters.

test IO can help you start testing your iOS app online today. Our cloud-based testing platform and customer support make it simple to initiate test cycles. test IO then harnesses the power of the real people with real devices, including Apple devices, Android devices, and more. They can perform usability tests, functional tests, and more on iOS apps.
Unlike traditional hallway testing and running automated tests online, test IO crowdtesters can:
Perform robust, full-coverage testing on your iOS app to discover hidden issues
Provide critical usability feedback that closely resembles feedback that your customers might have
Perform tests on-demand as you release new iterations and features
Provide you with screenshots and videos alongside their feedback and then answer any follow-up questions

You shouldn’t rely on an online automated testing service and in-house testers to meet your testing needs. With test IO testing services you gain unlimited tests from professional testers who won’t experience your iOS app with cognitive biases. The test IO online testing platform allows you to create new test cycles and view test results on a continuous basis, so you can meet user expectations over and over. Take a closer look at all of test IO’s testing services today.


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