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Explore test IO’s Mobile App Testing Tools for iPads

Whether you’re launching a mobile applications for iPad, iPhone or Android devices, you want to minimize the risk of users having a bad experience. With various operating systems, different screen sizes, and browsers in play, there are a lot of things to consider to ensure your mobile app and web app’s usability and functionality. You need tools in order to attempt structured mobile testing, cross-browser testing, and responsive design testing. Running comprehensive tests for all of these features or coordinating the right testing tools can be overwhelming, but if you want to launch a mobile app that meets customers’ expectations, they should be performed.

test IO can help you with all of your mobile testing needs. Rather than merely performing automated testing, test IO leverages the power of thousands of mobile users from around the world to conduct mobile testing utilizing its iPad testing tools. We closely align our testers to your target customers, and then they use their real mobile devices — from iPads to Samsungs to iPhones — in order to see how your mobile app functions on different devices. They can also perform cross-browser testing to see how your web app works in Safari, Chrome, and even lesser-used browsers on iOS devices and Androids. test IO then provides your team with meaningful feedback that iPad Peek and mobile device emulators just can’t give you–feedback on actual user experience.

With millions of mobile applications and web apps being downloaded annually, you don’t want to be among the vast majority that will fail. A buggy mobile app will result in poor app store ratings, fewer downloads, lost revenue, and could potentially damage your brand reputation. With each test case you initiate using the test IO mobile testing platform, you are reducing the risk of negative user experiences and increasing the chance of launching and maintaining a successful app.
Test IO’s Testing Tools: A Closer Look
With the test IO testing framework, along with iPad testing tools, our professional on-demand crowdtesters can test for usability and functionality as well as:

Interruption & Location — How your app performs when service is interrupted or in various regions
Performance — addresses application performance on different connection types (e.g. 2G, 3G, 4G, or Wifi)
Security — Validating the information system of the app and how it protects sensitive data
Memory leakage — tests whether memory accessed temporarily to run a program is returned

With so many different devices in the hands of users today, you need to develop mobile apps and web apps that work on not just iPads but all iOS devices and Android devices. You need testing tools to conduct automated testing that can also account for user experience. You need test IO’s crowdtesters. Our agile testing platform empowers you to perform mobile testing on a continuous basis, so you can release and update mobile apps and web apps that meet and exceed user expectations.

Reach out to us today to see how test IO’s testing tools can help you meet user expectations and launch a successful iPhone app.


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