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Testing Your Mobile App for iPad Devices & More Online

Right now there is great diversity in what mobile devices people are using to download mobile apps. Mobile app testing requires a unique set of considerations, such as screen size, mobile device settings, operating system versions, and so forth. Software developers are therefore being challenged to ensure their product will not only function as users expect but also be a positive experience, whether they are using an iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

While utilizing an automated testing service or simulator for iPad testing online can certainly increase your chances of releasing your product successfully, you should also consider manual testing. Manual testing is more than just a human pushing a button to initiate a test cycle. When unbiased people from outside your enterprise lay fresh eyes on your mobile app, they are able to not only find previously undetected issues, they can also provide critical feedback on the usability of your mobile app.

test IO is an online testing service that utilizes the power of the crowd to perform any number of tests on your mobile app. Our professional crowdtesters use their real devices–various iPad iterations, iPhones, Samsung devices, and more–to evaluate how your mobile app performs in various scenarios and conditions.
Mobile app testing with crowdtesters aids you in avoiding the common pitfalls of mobile apps such as:
Slow responsiveness
Heavy battery usage

These pitfalls can result in low app store ratings, damage to your brand reputation, and mobile app deletions. test IO’s crowdtesters can help you avoid them. The test IO online testing platform is easy-to-use, agile, and provides your DevOps and QA teams with the meaningful feedback they need to increase your chances of success time and again. Take a closer look at all of test IO’s testing services and benefits now.


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