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Choosing the Right Testing Tools for Launching an iPhone App

Whether you’re launching a mobile app for iPhone or Android devices, you want to make sure it has as few bugs as possible. Today’s busy, impatient users will quickly abandon a mobile app if it doesn’t immediately meet their expectations or they have a negative experience. While you cannot guarantee that you will launch an iPhone app that is perfect, there are certainly iPhone app testing tools you can use to have the greatest chance possible for success.

There are several testing tools available — from automated testing services such as Selenium to an open source testing platform like Appium to test IO’s platform — that harnesses a crowd of testers. Choosing which testing tool to pursue could potentially make or break the launch of your iPhone app.

Automated testing platforms can certainly help you work out the functional bugs in your mobile app, but they cannot account for how actual people will experience your mobile app on their own real devices. That’s why you need to test for functionality and usability. Setting the parameters for this sort of testing framework might seem daunting. Especially if you attempt to perform it all in-house. Out of the wide array of iPhone app testing tools that can benefit developers, using crowdtesters is becoming one of the most popular.
How Can test IO’s Crowdtesters Help You?
test IO marries the benefits of manual testing and automated testing by leveraging the power of thousands of professional crowdtesters from around the world. You create the test criteria that suits your needs, and test IO’s crowdtesters will evaluate your iOS app by determining how it performs under real-world conditions–just like your actual users would. Using an array of Apple products, they can perform functionality testing, beta testing, UI testing, or any other test you need.

The benefits of using the test IO’s crowdtesters and testing platform for your iPhone app include:

Increasing meaningful collaboration between your QA team and developers
Previewing how your mobile app will work for real people with real devices
Decreasing the headache and bottlenecks associated with in-house app testing
Using testers who are free from expectations and biases
Allowing you to code locally while testing globally
test IO empowers you to perform manual testing with the ease of automated testing. Mobile app testing for iPhone apps, Android apps, and web apps has never been easier than with test IO. And as you roll out new features and iterations of your mobile app, our testing automation tools make it simple to choose what you need evaluated. Our testing platform is user-friendly and allows direct communication with our testers in real-time.

Reach out to us today to see how test IO’s testing tools can help you meet user expectations and launch a successful iPhone app.


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