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Thoroughly Test Your iPhone App Online

If your mobile app testing isn’t up to par, then you’ll inevitably pay for it down the line in negative app store ratings, decreased downloads, deletions, and potentially lost revenue. Why risk it? By thoroughly testing your iPhone app with an agile, online testing service you can increase the chance that you are releasing a bug-free iPhone app that also provides a great experience for users.

Because people are now using a variety of iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices to download mobile apps, your developers have to consider many factors as they develop your mobile app and release new features and updates. Testing your mobile app with considerations such as operating system, screen size, connectivity, and such can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful.
test IO offers a solution: crowdtesting as a service.
Crowdtesting is using real people people with real devices under various conditions to test your iPhone app for usability, functionality, stability, security, and more. test IO has thousands of professional crowdtesters around the world who can efficiently and expertly test your iPhone app on an unprecedented scale in real world conditions.

With test IO’s agile online testing platform you can:

Initiate unlimited test cycles
Create test parameters and criteria
Automate testing around new tickets or release milestones
View test results in real-time
Ask follow-up questions directly to testers

Competition among mobile apps right now is fierce and expectations are high. Professional crowdtesting helps increase your iPhone app’s chance for success. Reduce your risk today and in the future by performing continuous testing with test IO. Learn more about our online testing platform and testing services now.


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