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Use test IO’s Professional Crowdtesters for Mobile Cross-Browser Testing

While there are only a handful of popular browsers in use today on mobile devices, it is still critical to account for these different browsers and their capabilities by performing mobile cross-browser testing for your website or application. Unlike on desktop browsers, there are more variables that can affect the performance of your site or app on a mobile device’s browser, such as its operating system or screen size. Internet users want your product to have a responsive design, and they want instant access to your content on their mobile devices.

Mobile cross-browser testing looks specifically at how your web page or web application performs in multiple browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and even lesser-used mobile browsers, so you can increase the chance that your users will have a positive experience.
Crowdtesting Benefits: A Closer Look
Mobile cross-browser testing is just one of the testing services offered by test IO. test IO leverages the power of crowdtesting by providing you with experienced testers, often with backgrounds in software, who closely resemble your target demographic but are also free of the inherent biases your in-house testers might have. Additionally, our crowdtesters are situated around the world, so they conduct mobile tests from a vast variety of locales.

The professional crowdtesters at test IO can also perform web testing, visual testing, and more to identify improvement opportunities, so your product will work better for users regardless of the browser and whether they are using an iPhone 5s, a Samsung Galaxy Note, a Galaxy Tab, or any other mobile device. By using their real mobile devices in a variety of locales and under different circumstances, our testers attempt to closely mimic the real browsers you want to target.

The benefits of using test IO’s experienced testers for mobile cross-browser testing and other live-testing services include:

Avoiding a wide range of biases and expectations that your in-house QA testers may have
Identifying potential problems that an automated testing service may not find, such as how the screen size of a mobile device affects the human experience
Acquiring clear, insightful, and structured feedback, from testers with software backgrounds
Mobile testing doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming study that you only do once. With test IO, you can easily perform unlimited testing continuously or on-demand. Our testing platform is designed to meet your specific needs. Today’s users have high demands, and competition is fierce to keep web apps and sites cutting-edge. Avoid potential pitfalls by performing mobile cross-browser testing, mobile app testing, and more with test IO. To learn about test IO’s app testing services and other advanced testings services, reach out to us today!


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