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Crowdtesting and Other Mobile Game Testing Tools

Amidst the competition among mobile games today, if your mobile game app doesn’t meet user expectations, you will pay for it in app deletions, fewer downloads, and unfavorable app store reviews. Launching a mobile game requires you to consider a variety of details from ensuring your product works on Android & iOS devices, tablets, and eReaders to considering assorted OS versions to considering screen size. Accessing the right testing tools for all these considerations can seem daunting.

Competition among mobile games is fierce. A buggy app that freezes, crashes, or drains a mobile device’s battery won’t last long. When it comes to mobile game testing tools, some enterprises choose device labs, a mobile test automation service, cloud-based labs, or cloud-based emulators for their mobile game testing and app testing needs, but to find and eliminate bugs while accounting for overall user experience is best handled with crowdtesters.

It’s expected there will be 270 million mobile application downloads this year, but it’s estimated that 80% of those will fail. Help prevent your mobile game from being a part of that demographic. Instead, harness the power of test IO’s crowdtesters and our testing tools while you are still in the app development stage and then successfully launch your product.
Why Use test IO’s Crowdtesters?
With thousands of testers at our disposal, test IO can test your mobile game on an unprecedented scale, around the globe. Our experienced, on-demand crowdtesters use real devices, from iPhones to Androids to cheaper mobile devices, in real-world situations to conduct mobile testing on games and apps. They can consider everything from the visual appeal of your game to how it functions when service is interrupted. And because our testers aren’t following a set test script, they are free to engage with your mobile app in a variety of ways to see how it performs. Our testers are also free from the biases and expectations that testers from within your enterprise might have.

On the test IO platform, you can create specific parameters for your test cases and then check your test results with test IO’s online, easy-to-use testing platform. All the testing tools you need for performance testing, functional testing, regression testing, and more for your product is right at your fingertips. test IO brings the features of manual testing and automated testing together, delivering all the test tools you need to increase the probability of launching a successful mobile game.

The benefits of test IO’s testing process also include:

Removing the in-house managerial headache of coordinating, evaluating, and paying testers
Generating meaningful, accurate, and expert feedback from our professional crowdtesters based on their real-world user interactions using different devices
Accessing test results around the clock, under real-world conditions
Reducing on-going performance concerns as you continuously adapt and update your software

While it is impossible to account for every circumstance a user might encounter with your mobile game in, using test IO’s mobile app and mobile game test tools can go a long way towards ensuring your customers have an enjoyable experience with your mobile game time and again. Ready to see how test IO’s mobile games testing tools can help you launch with success? To learn about test IO’s app testing services and other advanced testings services, reach out to us today!


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