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How Online Mobile Testing Can Position Your Enterprise for Success

Using an automated testing service or mobile emulator for mobile testing can potentially help ensure your web page, web applications, or mobile app provide a great customer experience, but crowdtesting with a self-service QA platform such as test IO — where we use real people with real devices in the real world– can truly position your product for on-going success. The professional crowdtesters at test IO often have backgrounds in software, so they can provide meaningful insights and alert you to potential problems that might otherwise be overlooked. They can explore mobile apps from Microsoft, Apple, and Android devices and check the online performance of your software, while also testing your web pages by conducting cross-browser testing.
Automation and emulators are no substitute for real people in mobile testing
test IO’s crowdtesting QA service offers the breadth of mobile devices and testers that make the difference between good and great mobile software testing. Mobile app testing requires a particular set of considerations that are unique to the mobile environment: Assorted OS versions, screen sizes, device settings, and browser preferences, just to name a few. If using your enterprise’s mobile app or web page isn’t up to par, users will let you and everyone else know by giving your product low app store ratings, sharing negative experiences online, and taking their time and money elsewhere. Ensure your customers have a great online experience whether they are on an iPad, iPhone 5, an Android device, or any other mobile device by performing mobile app testing.
Benefits of Crowdtesting
Using actual devices, test IO’s crowdtesters also perform mobile device tests to:

Ensure software works as designed from the user’s perspective
Confirm app installs and works on any number of real mobile devices
Examine how your product handles interruptions in service
Address how the application performs on different connection types
And more

After using test IO’s on-demand testing services and tools, your DevOps team can use the test results to improve your website, mobile app, or SaaS platform before it reaches the physical devices of the general public, positioning your product release for success now and in the future. Reach out to us today to learn more about our online mobile device testing services.


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