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Perform Online Mobile Browser Testing with test IO

Mobile apps, web applications, and websites should be tested in multiple browsers on a vast array of mobile devices to ensure users have a positive experience. While an online automated testing service can help you determine the functionality and stability of your product, it cannot account for one of the most important things: user experience. With so much competition among mobile apps and websites, you need to all but guarantee users do have a positive experience so they will come back to you time and again.

test IO is a unique testing service that provides our clients with real people who use their real devices to test your mobile app, web application, or website at an unprecedented scale. Our professional crowdtesters use their accumulated knowledge and human discretion to perform mobile cross-browser testing to discover user experience and functional flaws in products and platforms that couldn’t be detected with an online automated testing service alone.
test IO’s crowdtesters:
Look at your product with fresh eyes
Have no biases or expectations of how your mobile app should perform
Test your product in highly varied, real-world conditions
Report their findings with visual evidence when applicable
Answer your follow-up questions
Maintain confidentiality
Use their mobile devices as real users do with privacy settings, ad blockers, and locales configured
With all the mobile devices and mobile browsers in use today, you want to be sure that you have all your bases covered, so users will have a positive experience whether they are using an iPhone or Android device with Safari or Chrome browsers. Take your mobile browser testing beyond the limitations of lab settings and online automated testing when you harness the power of the crowd with test IO’s expert testers. Learn more about all of test IO’s invaluable testing services today to get started.


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