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Conduct Real Device Testing with Professional Crowdtesters

When your mobile app, website, web applications, or SaaS product doesn’t meet user expectations you will lose their attention and potentially the revenue they can generate. Today’s consumers have little to no time for a product with bugs and features that are difficult to navigate. Your on-site QA team, an emulator, or automated testing can catch some of the problems before you ship, but what you really need is real people with real devices testing your product; in other words, you need crowdtesters.

Crowdtesters help ensure your customers have a positive experience with your product by conducting real device testing using Samsungs, iPhones, tablets, eReaders, or even lesser-used Android devices. When it comes to mobile apps, you also have to make considerations for the os version on those physical devices. At test IO, we conduct mobile device testing and more — testing your product for user experience, functionality, reliability, and alerting you to potential problems that traditional test automation services or services such as Espresso or Appium might not be able to find.
Tapping the Power of test IO’s Crowdtesters
test IO’s crowdtesters not only use an array of real devices with varying operating systems for mobile app testing, they are also primed for running tests around the globe, situating themselves in the real-world conditions that your potential users will be in. For web applications and web pages, they not only run your product using Microsoft Windows and Apple products, they also perform tests in a variety of browsers.

Of course, what would any of these tests be without meaningful feedback? test IO’s professional crowdtesters often have backgrounds in software, so they are able to:

Engage thoroughly with your software
Think about your product in new ways
Uncover unforeseen issues
Provide clear, usable expert feedback
Push future iterations of your products in the right direction
Don’t hassle with creating and managing an in-house device lab and don’t trust your best product ideas to an automated testing platform that can’t truly simulate the experience of having humans operating real mobile devices and PCs. Empower your DevOps team to create the best product possible, as well as streamlining the continuous integration of further iterations, by putting your enterprise’s product in the hands of real people with real devices in real world conditions before you release. Tap the experienced, on-demand crowdtesters at test IO. Our testing platform makes it simple to create the testing parameters you need and then review your results in real-time. Real device testing has never been easier, and test IO is ready to handle all of your testing needs. To learn about test IO’s app testing services and other advanced testings services, reach out to us today.


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