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Avoid the Pitfalls of Conducting Remote Mobile Device Testing

Conducting remote mobile device testing for your mobile apps and web apps can be difficult to manage as well as be a time-consuming process. Further, whenever you oversee mobile app testing in-house, the reviews and analyses are susceptible to your testers’ inherent biases and potential need for approval. Rather than experience these pitfalls of remote mobile device testing, in-house mobile app testing, or even automated testing, consider harnessing the power of professional crowdtesters.

Crowdtesting places your product in the hands of real people with real mobile devices from iPhones with various os versions to androids to tablets all over the globe to get meaningful feedback on how your product performs before you release it to the general public. Crowdtesters can conduct progression testing, beta testing, usability testing, and more.

At test IO, we focus on creating beneficial outcomes for our clients by managing thousands of crowdtesters who will evaluate your mobile apps and web apps, so you don’t have to deal with the managerial concerns of conducting manual testing with remote access or creating a device lab. You can rely on our professional testers’ honesty, expertise, and confidentiality.
The Benefits of test IO’s Testing Services
By harnessing the power and mobility of test IO’s crowdtesters, you can:

Review expert feedback on how your mobile app works on an array of real devices with various operating systems
Gain instant access to our testing platform to evaluate test results in real time and create new tests for our on-demand testers to conduct
Get key insights on user experience from our unbiased testers, who can also supply you with valuable suggestions for future iterations of your product
Reduce the risk of releasing a bad product

Whether your DevOps team conducts remote mobile device testing on thousands of private devices, runs automated tests across multiple platforms via the cloud, or utilizes an emulator to duplicate the mobile device experience, the goal is the same: Find bugs and find them fast. But the greatest way to reduce the risk of users abandoning your mobile app after a negative experience is to manually test your product around the world using real people with real physical devices, like iPads, iPhones, and Androids, in their hands.

Our knowledgeable mobile testing professionals can help you characterize known defects and discover ones you didn’t yet know about. To learn about test IO’s app testing services and other advanced testings services, reach out to us today!


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