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Use test IO for Browser Compatibility Testing

Before you launch your web page or web application, you should perform browser compatibility testing. Because there is such a wide array of devices, operating systems, and web browsers, this can be a daunting task if performed in-house.

Some browser compatibility testing tools are helpful in determining the functionality of your product but they cannot test your web page or web application for the ever-important human experience. And using in-house testers, who will inevitably bring their biases and expectations to the test, might not suss out undetected flaws.

A testing solution that can account for both functionality and usability when it comes browser compatibility testing is crowdtesting. At test IO, we employ thousands of professional testers from around the globe who can meet all of your testing needs. They use their real devices with desktop browsers and mobile browsers to thoroughly explore your web page or web applications, so you can launch and update with success.

test IO’s crowdtesters:

  • Have deep testing experience
  • Are free of biases and expectations
  • Can efficiently test at an unprecedented scale
  • Report meaningful, structured feedback with visual evidence

It is essential that your web page or web application makes a good first impression — that its functionality, performance, and appearance meets user expectations over and over. Checking your web page or web application for browser compatibility is stress-free and straightforward with the test IO platform.

Find out how test IO’s crowdtesters can help you launch and update your web page or web application with confidence today.

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