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A Benefit of Crowdtesting - Time Compression

Max Schultz

We’re often asked by engineering, QA, and product leaders how they should think of crowdtesting when budgeting for their QA needs in the coming years. While each engagement has its nuances, we’re able to provide data-driven guidance on this topic – having been in the crowdtesting space since 2011 and with more than 12,000 test cycles in 2019 alone to draw from. 

A Month in a Night

Broadly - a single test IO crowdtest provides up to a month of testing time, overnight. This calculation assumes simply that you have one QA person on your team, who works a 40-hour workweek for 4 weeks each month – yielding ~160 hours of testing time. Standard test IO crowdtests feature 50 testers testing on devices in the wild, each of which spends roughly 3 hours testing – yielding ~150 hours of testing in an 8-24 hour window. Certainly, test requirements (simple/complex), testing team size/maturity and things like device requirements can all influence the exact ROI calculation – but this is the baseline for the work hours you’ll add to your team by enabling them with the crowd. 

For smaller organizations lacking significant QA headcount – test IO is an extremely powerful tool to multiply the work that can be accomplished with limited resources - especially considering the overhead for attaining QA scale such as maintaining a device bank and keeping test plans current with new releases. Within larger testing organizations, crowdtesting helps leaders significantly focus their budgets on what matters most – making the best hires possible for strategic positions on their teams (core QA & test automation, release engineering, DevOps, etc.) - and enabling those people with the force multiplier of test IO to execute the actual grunt work at scale that is behind every high-quality release. 

Budgeting season forces every business leader to evaluate their staffing decisions and investments per past performance and inference towards attaining future results. Crowdtesting with test IO is seen by 100’s of global companies annually as high ROI spend, as noted by them in our many 5-star reviews on G2 Crowd and case studies here. If you’d like to see how we could amplify your team’s current processes – reach out here to get started with your free test. 



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