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Execute your Test Cases with the Crowd

Michael Ebako-Hodgson

With the power of the crowd, it has never been easier to scale test case executions as your product develops and your repository grows. Instead of taking productive time away from developers, to perform repetitive tasks, let the test IO community take care of it. They’ll execute your test cases, in real-world situations, on real devices, any time you need them too. Best part is, with our new upgrades you’ll never have to leave your workflow to do so.  

Scaling Test Case Executions with the Crowd 

Every organization has a different approach to their testing. Some rely on manual testing, some focus on automation. Regardless of your team's structure, you probably have something in common: you write test cases and you try to assure coverage, on as many devices as possible, as fast as possible. Problem is, the more complex your product gets the harder it is to assure that every piece of your product has been tested. Test Case Execution with test IO makes it possible for you to do just that, at scale, with our crowd of over 40,000 testers. 

Test Case Execution with test IO 

With Test Case Execution by test IO, you are able to request test case executions from the crowd at any point in your development lifecycle. In this request you can specify the test cases you need tested, the devices you’d like them tested on, and when you need the results by. If a test case fails and a bug is found, they will provide a detailed bug report of the entire interaction. If it passes you’ll get confirmation and the green light to move forward. 

The only difference in running a test case test versus an exploratory test, for example, is making sure your test cases are uploaded to the test IO platform and up to date. 

This can be accomplished in a couple of ways. Through a simple import of an excel or CSV file. Or via our new integrations into test case management systems like Testrail, Xray, Zephyr, and more. Then just like any other test you can initiate it through your bugtracker, or CI/CD platform. It's entirely, up to you and your processes. 

Why execute test cases with the crowd?  

  • Keep up with growing test case repositories with ease 
  • Cover blind spots in automation with manual testing  
  • Real-world device testing of your most critical flows 
  • Free up developer time to focus on coding, fixing bugs, or automating test cases! 

Getting Started with Test Case Execution

You can add Test Case Execution capabilities to your test IO instance by simply reaching out to your CSM. Whether you have 15 test cases to execute or 15000 our team will work with you to find a plan that fits your needs.  

If you would like more details on how to use, integrate, or manage test case executions within the test IO platform, please see our testing solutions page. If you are new to test IO and would like to start executing your test cases with the crowd reach out, here



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