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Improving our Product

Michael Ebako-Hodgson

At test IO, we are committed to continuously improving our product as we help you improve yours. Here are three changes to our platform from the past month that we implemented to make your lives better. We can't wait to see how you use them.

Redesigned "All Products" Page

The product page is the first thing you land on when you log in to your test IO dashboard. Instead of having to click through the page to find what you need, every critical detail is accessible immediately. Specifically, you can directly access:  

  • product details 
  • The current test list 
  • the list of the open bugs 
  • test details for each test 
  • new exploratory test wizard 
  • section dashboard 

This change will save you time and will let you know everything that test IO is doing for you, at a glance.

New Integration for External Test Case Managers

With this release, working with test cases from external test case managers is now a piece of cake. You can connect to external test case managers such as TestRail or Xray that will allow us to integrate with their systems even further. How it works is simple. The authentication will be taken care of in our interface, similar to how bug export connections work. You import test cases based on "Test Runs" in TestRail and "Test Executions" in Xray. Finally, Test Case execution results from testers sync with the test case manager. 

No longer do you have to worry about updating your test cases twice or checking two platforms to get your results. Use the test case manager you are used to, and we'll take care of bringing into the test IO ecosystem. While you still get results where you want them most, your internal tools.

Metrics Dashboard

We added this new page to our customer interface for a simple reason. We want to help our operational partners understand and report what test IO accomplishes for them. In this dashboard, we've included relevant metrics about testing activity and performance. Specifically: 

  • Bugs submitted 
  • Bugs accepted 
  • Amount of test cycles 
  • Number of unique testers 
  • Number of unique devices 
  • Average review time 
  • Days since the last bug reviewed 
  • Days since the last test 
  • List of most active users and their recent activity 

And that's just the default setting. If you have a metric you'd like to see, we can add it to your dashboard.

Not a current customer? Reach out to get a free test of your website or app and see for yourself what crowdtesting can do for you.



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