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test IO Testing Cup 2020

Michael Ebako-Hodgson

We are excited to announce the very first test IO Testing Cup! Testers from around the world will compete for pride, prestige, and of course, prizes in a series of testing challenges that will push their testing skills to their limits.

The test IO testing Cup will take place in three rounds - every Saturday starting on the 29th of August. Don't miss your chance to participate and show the world you're the testing champion. All you have to do is be an approved tester on our platform. Here is how it will all go down.

What are the rules?

The test IO Testing Cup is a testing competition, in which teams of testers will go on bug hunts through given websites and apps. It will take place in 3 rounds, where each round lasts 90 minutes. Within that time, the teams will try to find as many quality bugs as they can and report them accurately. The results of the team testing session will be evaluated on three criteria - Diversity, Quality, and Value by a pool of experienced judges consisting of Team Leaders & test IO employees. This review happens after each round, and only half of the teams will make it to the next round. A more comprehensive collection of the rules and evaluation criteria will be published soon.

It's all about teamwork

If you'd like to participate, you need to build a team of 5 members, all of which must be registered testers at test IO. Your team should have a name and a captain. Feel free to come up with a team logo, team motto, team photo, and what not! If you're looking for team members, you can use the tester Discord channel.

Registration closes on the 20th of August and is available through your tester portal. Please only register your team if you are prepared to participate in all rounds and are committed to winning. Not a tester yet? You can become a tester here.


Apart from the Community prestige and recognition, the prizes will include test IO exclusive merchandise and vouchers for device reimbursement for the winning teams. That's right; you can win yourself a new device of your choosing.

Can't participate but interested in the action? Once it begins, we'll be keeping you updated here in our blog.

May the best team win!



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