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Top 10 QA Blogs

John Kensinger

With a plethora of software testing and QA resources out there, we wanted to take a moment to share with you some of our favorites. Whether you’re just starting out in QA or are an experienced tester looking to hone your craft or learn about different approaches, these sites are great places to start.

Here are our top 10 QA Blogs, in no particular order:

    DevelopSense is hosted by Michael Bolton, testing consultant, teacher, and expert. He co-authored Rapid Software Testing alongside fellow expert, James Bach (
    Satisfice is hosted by James Bach, software testing specialist, coach, consultant, and writer. As mentioned above, he is credited with founding Rapid Software Testing methodology alongside Michael Bolton.
    Angie Jones is an experienced automation engineer who travels internationally to speak about automation strategy. She was also featured in Ebony magazine as one of the country’s “30 Young Leaders Under the Age of 30” and is committed to mentoring young women and exposing them to technology.
    Lisa Crispin is an agile testing expert who shares content focused on agile testing methodology and best practices.
    Software Testing Help provides a comprehensive resource to learn about numerous aspects of testing, from types of testing to testing tools. There are also courses and countless other pieces of content that you can learn from.
    StickyMinds is a TechWell community that shares everything from weekly articles to interviews with leaders in software testing as well as everything you might need to succeed and excel in a testing career.
    DZone is one of the largest online communities focused on delivering top-quality content to software developers. From knowledge and tools to strategies and best practices, DZone has got you covered.
    Tester Stories is hosted by Jeff Nyman, a quality and test specialist, who treats testing “as a broad-lense practice that is a spectrum of experience, rather than as a management or programming problem.” He has experience with everything from TDD, BDD, and ATDD approaches to mobile testing strategies using Appium. He offers a unique and practical approach to all things testing.
    Joe Colantonio is a full-time Test Automation Architect for GE and is also the founder of TestTalks and GuildConferences. He’s an automation expert, coach, and guru. His numerous channels of content should be able to answer most of the questions you may have about automation.
    Ministry of Testing is an incredibly dense, comprehensive, and informative tester knowledgebase and community as well as the host of the global TestBash events. Here you can find information about every type, approach, and method of testing, along with everything else that comes with it. They also send out a weekly newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on all things testing.

Give all of these resources a try, and share your favorite! Happy testing!



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