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Test IO’s Testing-as-a-Service

Test IO’s Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) is trusted by hundreds of clients as a deeply integrated partnership, helping organizations deliver code to value, fast. TaaS is opinionated, fully managed testing that scales as you need it—powered by the force of 9,000+ EPAM software testing professionals and 400,000+ freelance testers around the world and enabled by our industry-leading Test IO platform.  

Whether your challenges are tactical or transformational, we offer vetted, packaged solutions for software and IoT testing. This unrivaled orchestration of products and services includes integrated technology partners, as well as EPAM-developed, open source technologies that use machine learning algorithms honed over thousands of implementations.

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With our managed TaaS model, you don’t need to be a global enterprise to get access to a comprehensive range of expertise across multiple areas of software QA testing, from test automation to performance testing to accessibility testing and more. 

To optimize your cost and efficiency, this expertise is tailored for your needs, available as you need it and seamlessly coordinated across your teams via a dedicated Test IO test manager.

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Faster Time-to-Market


Free up your teams for critical work and more strategic goals by immediately accessing our global team of testers and proven automation frameworks. 



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Increased Scalability & Flexibility


Spike capacity and add specific skills to your projects as needed to accelerate testing efforts with our flex teams located across geographies.



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Cost-Effective Quality


Reduce testing costs without reducing quality. Force-multiply your team via our expertise to reach exceptionally high standards for quality.



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Improved Accountability


Get test oversight and management from our global team of testing experts with testing governed by SLAs—all while retaining core team knowledge and training. 


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Packaged Expertise, Fit for Your Needs

Test Case Authoring & Execution

As you’re scaling and moving fast, it becomes easy to fall behind on test documentation. Have no fear—our testing experts can quickly extract knowledge from your team in order to author, execute and manage your test cases with minimal changes to your existing workflows and toolsets. Better still, the test cases we develop are automation-ready, so you can build a solid foundation for more advanced test strategies.

Test Automation

Agile teams need to test as fast as the business moves. We enable agility by delivering a fully managed test automation service that includes scoping, discovery, implementation, infrastructure, reporting, execution, and ongoing maintenance. EPAM Test IO’s world-class test automation services are rooted in open source technology, much of which is EPAM-developed, and strong platform technology partnerships to round out the stack. This combination of expertise and technology results in unrivaled automation delivery capabilities.

Exploratory Testing

Uncovering bugs that real people might encounter in real life takes human ingenuity. We connect you with testers from all around the world on demand. These quick and creative testers bring diverse perspectives to your QA program and perform a month’s worth of user testing in hours, discovering issues before release so your customers don’t.

Accessibility Assessments & Testing

Great software experiences are deserved by all. Our team of A11Y experts ensures equitable user experiences across platforms, adhering to WCAG and other major accessibility standards. Whether you need ongoing testing to identify gaps before release or a comprehensive audit and remediation plan, we have you and your users covered.  

Load & Performance Testing 

When you’re looking at a big launch, we provide the technology and people power to help lift the weight—with a unique offering that combines load testing and functional testing for a comprehensive preview of what your users will experience when it counts.

Product Experience Testing

There’s a lot to account for across every user experience, and not all your users—or even the countries they reside in—are going to have the same needs and requirements. With the power of our crowdtesting community coupled with EPAM’s global delivery expertise, we make usability and in-country testing simple, helping ensure high-quality local experiences. 


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