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  • A click away from the newest apps
  • Work whenever you want
  • Up to €50 per bug
Become a tester

Irreplaceable: you

Bugs are like predators in the dark: feared by all, visible to only a few. Which makes testers like modern-day knights. Their mission: to seek, to discover, to report… and to be rewarded with money and glory.

Each individual tester helps make software better and more secure, and forms a part of a worldwide community: the crowd. The light in the darkness, the crème de la testing crème.


Work where you want, when you want—to some extent even how you want. Testers select their jobs from a list of options that fit their capabilities. Each tester is his or her own boss.


Keep your finger on the pulse of the development world, and learn something new every day. As a tester, you’ll be one of the first people to try the very latest apps, and the experience you gain in the tester academy will increase your qualification level more and more.


Earn up to €50 for each bug you find, depending on specifications and relevance. Different scenarios use different compensation models, including fixed payment amounts for defined test cases.

What defines you, makes us strong

People decide to become testers based less on knowledge than desire. test IO respects diversity and freedom of action. But we also appreciate affinity to the things that define good software: technical balance and precise programming.

at least one
not necessary, ideally on-screen
curious, interested in trying new things, love for details, shows inconsistencies no mercy
Software, apps, IT, mobile and stationary equipment, new developments and trends


the tester the better

Interest and a certain degree of agility within the programs are all you need to get started in the testing world.

But those who do more will get more to do. And the more you can do, the more tests you’ll be able to take on—giving you an even better position within our hall of heroes.

The Academy

Step by step to success

Seek and ye shall find; learn and ye shall earn. At test IO, your earning potential increases with your qualifications. Increase your ranking with every bug you find, and compare your progress with others‘.

We help app users become professional testers at our test academy, where today’s experienced experts support the bugfinder of tomorrow.

Get started in the Crowd

Great deeds made easy
Computers, tablets, phones – sometimes more is more

Make your devices stars of the show!

The more types of equipment you own, the more tests you can do. Different systems? Even better. Resources are there to be used, after all.

Become a tester