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Why Companies Should Conduct More than Just Selenium Testing

A lot of companies’ QA teams rely on Selenium automation testing tools for software testing. For an open source testing solution, Selenium testing can meet a lot of your needs for performing functional testing and regression testing. Selenium testing companies say it’s cost-effective, but it can also be time consuming to set up tests. Not only that, but Selenium automated testing software cannot test for the usability of your website, web application, or mobile application. So, while Selenium can be an effective testing tool, it should not be your company’s only testing solution.
Why is usability testing so necessary? Users expect to figure out how to use a website or app quickly and easily. If a user has a negative experience, they will most likely do one or more of the following:
Abandon an app or website
Leave a negative review
Share their bad experience with others

Conducting usability testing before you launch, and as you implement updates and new features, dramatically increases the possibility that users will have a positive experience. But usability testing requires real users who complete tasks to evaluate how intuitive and usable your website or mobile app is.

test IO provides QA testing as a service with crowdtesters. Our expert testers use their real devices under real-world conditions to test your product. They can follow strict test scripts or explore your mobile application or website without a rigid test plan. This is called exploratory testing. Not only can they look at your product with fresh eyes to evaluate it for usability, they can also perform all the tests Selenium automation framework can perform.

But unlike traditional hallway testing methods, test IO’s crowdtesters can:

Discover hidden issues that might limit functionality
Provide human feedback from people who didn’t design your software
Test your mobile application or website across a broad spectrum of devices, browsers, operating systems, and so on

The Selenium testing framework wasn’t designed to detect if a bug is hiding in a visual element. It can’t tell your DevOps team if your software is intuitive and visually pleasing. It has its limitations. test IO’s crowdtesters can fill in those gaps and help companies launch with confidence. The test IO platform is an agile, cloud-based testing tool that makes continual testing a cinch.

Learn more about all of the testing services test IO has to offer today.


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