We are test IO

We help businesses to ship better apps with fewer bugs.

Alexander D. Art Director

Alex is a designer by day and a musician by night. When he's not engaged with UX-, UI-design, he's releasing techno tracks.

Alexander L. Product Manager

Alex is an American football enthusiast who concerns himself with analyzing new situations and finding the right solutions together with stakeholders and customers.

Alexander T. SDR Team Lead

Alex has a Masters in International Economics. He loves to cook and to be out in nature. Apart from that, he is avidly dedicated to leading the German SDR Team.

Alexandra Customer Success Manager

Alex has years of experience working with clients in large and small companies in England, Switzerland, and Germany. Helping clients to be successful with our product is what drives her.

Amanda SDR Team Lead, US

Amanda has never met a dog or seen a sunset that she didn’t like, and aspires to bring that same passion to her work at test IO.

Anja Sales Manager

Anja is an Aries who loves astrology and gazing up at the night skies. Helping companies to speed up their QA process is her second passion.

Chris Senior Marketing Manager

Chris is our marketing genius who makes sure that test IO is visible across the web. When he’s not doing marketing, he’s traveling through Europe in his VW van.

Claudia Key Account Manager

Claudia finds peace in feeling the road under her bicycle tires. She's also a master at helping customers find their happy place.

Daniela Head of Customer Success Management

When Dani isn't designing and mending upholstery with a passionate fervor, she makes sure that our customers are getting the most out of test IO.

Dennis Head of Sales

Dennis is a gentleman through and through who’s known for organizing fabulous test IO company trips.

Didem Data Scientist

Didem loves learning everything relating to the brain, which is a fitting endeavor since she handles all the brainy stuff around here.

Ephraim Key Account Manager

Ephraim is a polygot whose international experience is priceless when it comes to managing accounts. Also, he loves dogs.

Fabien Sales Engineer

When Fabien isn't fighting in the octagon, he writes code and cooks with the self-confidence that every Frenchman has.

Jan CTO & Co-Founder

test IO is Jans brainchild, and when he isn't doing everything under the sun when it comes to vision and direction of the company, he wakeboards.

Jiayi Software Engineer

Jiayi is a developer capable of coding but incapable of writing a proper bio.

John Content Marketer

John is content marketer who ensures that software teams small and large have the opportunity to see what test IO can do for them. In his free time, he enjoys workshopping nutrition topics and catching up on the latest Netflix Original.

Jörg Head of Finance

Jörg enjoys running in his free time, and when he's not, he's running our numbers with a sharp eye. Other than that, he enjoys an occasional Guinness.

Joseph Software Quality Analyst

Whether rowing, swimming, or playing guitar on the beach, you can always find Joe near the water. On land he delivers value to developers, marketers, and owners by helping them identify bugs with test IO.

Lucas Software Engineer

Dancing whether or not you're watching, Lucas likes discussing and developing human-facing features. He finds our world beautiful and a bit crazy.

Magdalena Software Quality Analyst

When Magdalena isn't making calls and booking demos, she is petting cats with a redbull-induced enthusiasm.

Manh Software Quality Analyst

Like Sales can't go without Marketing, test IO doesn't want to exist without Manh. He has such a happy nature, cheering up everyone he meets.

Martin Senior Customer Success Manager

Martin is a veteran customer success manager. His dream is to buy a large farmhouse and adopt all the orphan dogs in Berlin so they can live there.

Maryna Finance Manager

Maryna is an optimist with a “nothing is impossible” attitude. Maryna is crazy about sports and nutrition, and believes every human should try to make this world a better place.

Matthew Financial Controller

Matt is a geography buff who enjoys traveling to distant lands. He is a jack of all trades in his work here at test IO, with a focus on financial controls.

Matt Software Quality Analyst

On the weekends you can usually find Matt at a concert, on his bike, or making a mess in the kitchen. During the week, though, he's focused on helping teams ship high-quality software, faster.

Max Head of Sales

Max loves deals, especially in North America, where he was test IO’s first employee. His preferred weekend destination is somewhere in the great outdoors, without any cell service.

Michael Software Quality Analyst

Helping tackle your problems many tests at a time, Michael makes sure you are always in the know.

Natasha Key Account Manager

A woman whose wit is only matched by her warmth, Natasha makes sure that clients are well taken care of.

Neda Development Intern

Neda loves spreading smiles and is always trying to self-improve by learning and trying new stuff.

Nicholas Account Executive

Nick is an Account Executive bringing new customers to test IO. When he's not working, he's exercising, fishing and playing golf (poorly).

Philip CEO

Phil enjoys regaling his colleagues with tales of software distributed on disks. He is embarrassed but very proud that his children speak better German than he does.

Powen Content Marketer

With his collection of startup t-shirts and penchant for tech company trivia, Powen spends a lot of time thinking about, writing on, and reading through the internet. He also bakes a great banana bread.

Rachel Account Executive

Rachel likes to grow things- first tackling the SDR team and now the customer base in North America. She also likes skiing (a lot) and spending as little time in the city as possible.

Rebecca Software Quality Analyst

Becca completed her undergraduate degree in communication at Cornell University before receiving a Masters in Social Science of the Internet from Oxford University. In her free time she is an avid yogi, chef, and hiking aficionado.

Ryan Software Quality Analyst

Ryan enjoys good banter with a touch of wit and never backs down from a challenge to make someone laugh. He has a lot to learn, but also a lot to teach.

Sevda Data Analyst

Sevda likes to play with key performance metrics and her clarinet just because both let her tell stories.

Simon Research and Development Manager

Simon is a code artist, who started building websites before the internet.
You will never see him not wearing a cat t-shirt.

Stefan Customer Success Manager

Stefan has a lot of energy and really enjoys communicating with customers, that's why Customer Success is his ideal role. He is really passionate about technology.

Susan Customer Success Team Lead, US

Susan loves customers and cats. In her leisure time, she enjoys dreaming of her next travel destination and coffee.

Svetlana Customer Success Manager

Svetlana has an appreciation of the smaller things in life, like feeding pigeons and taking long strolls in the park. I mean, who else is going to feed the pigeons?

Thomas CSO & Co-Founder

Tommy is an early morning riser with a passion for just anything that takes place
in, on or under water. This includes diving, swimming, wakeboarding and being on a boat.

Tilman Software & DevOps Engineer

Tilman likes to read about politics, tech, and an occasional poem. His best ideas come in the midst of silent walks.

Tina Senior Customer Success Manager

Tina is passionate about optimizing processes and products for our customers.
She also likes music and seeing every corner of the globe.

Tyler Account Executive

Tyler loves finding and learning about “bugs”. Whether they’re software related bugs or aquatic invertebrates. Don’t forget to ask him about the 27” brown trout he caught.

Uliana Customer Success Manager

Uli takes care of our customers and helps them achieve the best results with crowdtesting. In her free time, she enjoys doing handicrafts and playing boardgames.

Ulrike Office Manager

Ulrike can’t be found without music in the background, while she manages and takes care of all the important things in the office to ensure everybody is happy.

Valerie SDR

Valerie likes to cook, do yoga and travel around South America. When she isn't getting lost in Brazilian favelas or rescuing Turkish street dogs, she helps the German SDR team.

Zach Software Quality Analyst

The only thing Zach loves more than finding bugs is chasing powder and sunshine. When he isn't helping companies supercharge their QA look for him on the beach, the mountain, or anywhere outside.

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