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We help businesses ship better apps with fewer bugs.
Alexander D.
Head of Design
Alex is a designer by day and an artist by night. When he's not busy with UX and UI-design, he's creating music for humans in the post-human age.
Alexander L.
Product Manager
Alex is an American football enthusiast who concerns himself with analyzing new situations and finding the right solutions together with stakeholders and customers.
alex espos
Alexandra E.
Account Executive
Alex loves traveling the world, cooking new dishes, hanging out with her dog Olive, and helping clients achieve their software goals.
Alexandra Martin
Alexandra M.
Customer Success Manager
Alex has years of experience working with clients in large and small companies in England, Switzerland, and Germany. Helping clients to be successful with our product is what drives her.
Account Executive
Amanda has never met a dog or seen a sunset that she didn’t like, and aspires to bring that same passion to her work at test IO.
brendan headshot
Software Quality Analyst
Brendan enjoys researching new things and watching baseball. He strives to spend as much time as possible with his wife and two daughters.
Customer Success Manager
Celina enjoys building lasting customer relationships, one test at a time, and strives to help her customers create meaningful and innovative technology.
charles iantorno
Software Quality Analyst
Charles is usually smiling, and if he isn't uncovering bugs, he may be on the beach, playing soccer, reading, dancing, or helping others to think outside the box.
Christian Schwarz
Account Executive
Chris has been working in IT enterprise sales for the past three years and in his free time likes to go bouldering or entertain his baby son. 
Account Manager
Claudia finds peace in feeling the road under her bicycle tires. She's also a master at helping customers find their happy place.
Head of Client Services, DE
When Dani isn't designing and mending upholstery with a passionate fervor, she makes sure that our customers are getting the most out of test IO.
Head of Sales, DE
Dennis is a gentleman through and through who’s known for organizing fabulous test IO company trips.
Data Scientist
Didem loves learning everything relating to the brain, which is a fitting endeavour since she handles all the brainy stuff around here.
Eliana Ben-David
Administrative Assistant
From Start-ups to fashion-design, through alternative medicine, managing a dance school, consulting, curating and presenting a weekly music radio show since 2011, Eliana loves things that are orderly, and cats.
Erol Oegel
Community Success Manager
Erol enjoys helping his customers hitting and overachieving their goals and being a part of their success stories. Besides that, his bike, music and science fiction can take him out for a long journey.
Community Manager
Evgeniya is passionate about languages and communication, that's why she makes sure that all our testers’ needs are taken care of.
Sales Engineer
When Fabien isn't fighting in the octagon, he writes code and cooks with the self-confidence that every Frenchman has.
greyson nelson
Software Quality Analyst
Often called the Indiana Jones of software bugs, he can be found in your local trivia nights or gaming when he’s not looting through coding caves for faulty functionality.
Hussein Abdel Ghaffar
Software Quality Analyst
Egyptian-American who loves diving into software bugs if im not diving into bugs you can find me diving across the seas
inderpal singh
Senior Software Engineer
Inderpal has 8+ years of experience writing software in a wide range of business domains. When he is not writing code, he is spending time being pointlessly curious about things around him.
CTO & Co-Founder
test IO is Jan's brainchild, and when he isn't doing everything under the sun when it comes to vision and direction of the company, he wakeboards.
Software Engineer
Jiayi is a developer capable of coding but incapable of writing a proper bio.
Senior Software Quality Analyst
Whether rowing, swimming, or playing guitar on the beach, you can always find Joe near the water. On land he delivers value to developers, marketers, and owners by helping them identify bugs with test IO.
Johannes Bähr
Senior Software Engineer
Johannes likes calisthenics, personal development, healthy food and is a little crazy as well. His willingness to  commit first and figure the rest out later may explain how he met his lovely wife on the Hollywood walk of fame.
Head of Finance
Jörg enjoys running in his free time, and when he's not, he's running our numbers with a sharp eye. Other than that, he enjoys an occasional Guinness.
Customer Success Manager
Justin loves helping people get the most out of their technology. When he’s not in the office, he can be found on a basketball court, a golf course, or a beach.
Kateryna Pugachova
Software Quality Analyst
This is just a bunch of text to take up space until Kateryna writes her own bio. Nothing to see here.
katie storch
Software Quality Analyst
When she isn’t helping customers streamline their QA process, Katie is usually outside in the sunshine, experimenting in the kitchen, or exploring the city.
Lucas Johnson
Software Engineer
Dancing whether or not you're watching, Lucas likes discussing and developing human-facing features. He finds our world beautiful and a bit crazy.
Luisa Behrendt
Software Quality Analyst
Luisa holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, is eager for knowledge and has a passion for disruptive technologies. At test IO she helps the sales team identify and approach potential customers.
Account Executive
When Magdalena isn't making calls and booking demos, she is petting cats with a redbull-induced enthusiasm.
Team Lead, Software Quality Analysts
Like Sales can't go without Marketing, test IO doesn't want to exist without Manh. He has such a happy nature, cheering up everyone he meets.
Senior Customer Success Manager
Martin is a veteran customer success manager. His dream is to buy a large farmhouse and adopt all the orphan dogs in Berlin so they can live there.
Finance Manager
Maryna is an optimist with a “nothing is impossible” attitude. Maryna is crazy about sports and nutrition, and believes every human should try to make this world a better place.
matthew james
Matt J.
Financial Controller
Matt is a geography buff who enjoys traveling to distant lands. He is a jack of all trades in his work here at test IO, with a focus on financial controls.
Matthew Kenny
Account Manager
On the weekends you can usually find Matt at a concert, on his bike, or making a mess in the kitchen. During the week, though, he's focused on helping teams ship high-quality software, faster.
VP Client Services
Max loves deals, especially in North America, where he was test IO’s first employee. His preferred weekend destination is somewhere in the great outdoors, without any cell service.
Marketing Coordinator
Catch Michael outside throwing a frisbee, shooting a basketball, or inside working on defining test IO's digital presence.
natasha kinter
Account Manager
A woman whose wit is only matched by her warmth, Natasha makes sure that clients are well taken care of.
nathan villar
Software Quality Analyst
Nathan enjoys traveling, salsa dancing, and biking. He is also full-time father, husband, and part-time student pilot.
Customer Success Manager
When Patrick isn't helping customers maximize their value with test IO, he's usually either on a baseball field or exploring the great outdoors.
Phil enjoys regaling his colleagues with tales of software distributed on disks. He is embarrassed but very proud that his children speak better German than he does.
Pierre Blouin
Software Engineer
Pierre loves adventure and travel as well as music production. He likes seeing things from the user's standpoint and developing great features.
Pratik Shah
Account Executive
Pratik is a former QA Lead who finds joy in helping customers create innovative software products. He dreams about being a world-renowned music producer one day.
Customer Success Manager
Though Rachel regrets spending time apart from her miniature poodle, helping customers effectively harness the power of the crowd for QA is a worthy distraction.
Account Executive
Robert has spent his professional career working in sales. To recover from the effects of his job, he loves to run and spend time with his family. Born and raised in Berlin, therefore he is a "echter Berliner"
ryan white
Business Development Manager
Ryan enjoys good banter with a touch of wit and never backs down from a challenge to make someone laugh. He has a lot to learn but also a lot to teach.
sarah kuss
Senior Account Manager
Her weaknesses are chocolate and sports, preferably outdoors and in the countryside. The view from the mountain after a steep bike ride and satisfied customers give her energy and drive for every new working day.
Data Analyst
Sevda likes to play with key performance metrics and her clarinet just because both let her tell stories.
stefan kraus
Community Manager
Stefan has a lot of energy and really enjoys communicating with customers and testers alike, that's why managing the community is his ideal role.
Engineering Team Leader
Stephen writes code, reads Greek, and is hoping to speak German. If you see his dog Tuck bounding around, he won't be far behind.
susan yi
Head of Client Services, US
Susan loves customers and cats. In her leisure time, she enjoys dreaming of her next travel destination and coffee.
Customer Success Manager
Svetlana has an appreciation of the smaller things in life, like feeding pigeons and taking long strolls in the park. I mean, who else is going to feed the pigeons?
CSO & Co-Founder
Tommy is an early morning riser with a passion for just anything that takes place
in, on or under water. This includes diving, swimming, wakeboarding and being on a boat.
Software & DevOps Engineer
Tilman likes to read about politics, tech, and an occasional poem. His best ideas come in the midst of silent walks.
Tina Bungert
Senior Customer Success Manager
Tina is passionate about optimizing processes and products for our customers. She also likes music and seeing every corner of the globe.
Software Quality Analyst
Trevor has a passion for skiing off cliffs, summiting peaks, and grilling steak.
Head of Sales, US
Tyler loves finding and learning about “bugs”. Whether they’re software related bugs or aquatic invertebrates. Don’t forget to ask him about the 27” brown trout he caught.
Customer Success Manager
Uli takes care of our customers and helps them achieve the best results with crowdtesting. In her free time, she enjoys doing handicrafts and playing boardgames.
zach carango
Account Executive
The only thing Zach loves more than finding bugs is chasing powder and sunshine. When he isn't helping companies supercharge their QA, look for him anywhere outside.

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