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Load & Performance Testing


Release Reliable & Future-Ready Products

When you’re looking at a big launch, we provide the technology and people power to help lift the weight—with a unique offering that combines load testing and functional testing for a comprehensive preview of what your users will experience when it counts.

We Offer a Full Analysis to Uncover Points of Interest 

Test IO conducts deep analysis around user flows and root causes to set baselines, building representative models and developing performance test scenarios to test your product’s capacity.

We Drive Optimal Performance with Our People & Technology Power

Using this baseline, we load up your site with the traffic that you expect in the future. Our crowdtesting community provides the human perspective to fully test these impending spikes in capacity, ensuring your product’s scalable performance under real-life conditions. We apply advanced tooling to report on performance tests execution results, highlighting potential points of interest and proposing practical improvements and fixes.


NelsonHall Vendor Profile

Leading analyst firm NelsonHall published an in-depth vendor profile of Test IO, highlighting our key service offerings.


Learn More About Test IO  

Our testing experts stand ready to address your most challenging QA initiatives. If you’re interested in becoming a freelance tester, click here