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Exploratory Testing 

Design. Build. Test. Iterate. Fast.

Exploratory testing helps uncover bugs and defects that other types of testing won’t. But discovering the issues that will impact real people in production environments takes human imagination and ingenuity. Two things test automation and AI can't synthesize.

Through our community of digital quality professionals, Test IO can deliver this ingenuity, at speed and scale, on-demand. Test IO’s global community offers vetted, experienced, and creative testers that bring a diverse set of real-world skills and perspectives to your quality engineering strategy. Thanks to 24/7 availability, Test IO can perform a month’s worth of user testing in hours discovering critical issues before release so your customers don’t.

Automated + Exploratory Testing: The Perfect Pair

Your users don’t use scripts and they don’t live in QA labs. Your automated and lab testing should be complemented with testing by real human beings in real world environments. Test IO quality solutions empowers development and quality teams to evaluate and validate their product in production-like environments with unparalleled coverage, across fragmented ecosystems of devices, operating systems and browsers.

A Holistic, Fully Custom, Turnkey Testing Solution

When it comes to helping our customers maximize the value they can get out of automated testing, we’ve got the expertise and the technology to deliver. To compliment test automation, we combine fully integrated human-powered exploratory testing solutions in best-of-both-worlds solutions that blend the speed and efficacy of professional automated testing with the ingenuity of real-world human digital professionals.

“Fast” is a Promise, Not an Exaggeration

You’ll get immediate time-to-value, with full test coverage in 24 hours and results in as little as an hour. We have over a decade of experience working with leading brands and cutting-edge development teams, helping them deliver exceptional products and winning user experiences.

TestIO Exploratory Testing


“Having a flexible release pipeline and the ability to launch these tests on demand either from the API or the web platform is just fantastic.”

Don Irwin, Head of Retail and Marketing Application Development, DriveTime


Want to know more about how Test IO can be put to work for you? Let's connect and discover how we can work together to craft exceptional product experiences.