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Load & Performance Testing

Success should never be a bad thing

When you’re looking at a big release, the added pressure on your teams and systems is immense. Our unique performance testing solution combines load testing and functional testing to give you a comprehensive preview of what your users, teams and infrastructure will experience when it counts the most: launch day.

Deep Analysis to Uncover Points of Interest 

Test IO conducts in-depth analysis around user flows and performance targets to set baselines. We then use that data to build representative models, and develop performance test scenarios to analyze the capabilities of your products and systems across several key metrics, including resilience, performance and responsiveness, scalability and reliability.

Drive Optimal Performance with People & Technology

We combine scripted load testing, to simulate high traffic, with crowdtesting to provide both system metrics and live user feedback for a system under load. Our testing community provides the human perspective and can fully test potential spikes in use and ensure your product’s scalable performance under real-life conditions and provide helpful user feedback. We also apply advanced analytics to report on tests results, highlighting potential points of interest and proposing practical improvements and fixes.


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