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Fully Managed Testing as A Service

Scale your testing capabilities on-demand with an international team of over 400,000 expert testers.

Avoid bottlenecks, optimize your resource spend, maximize development ROI and empower your teams to do their jobs more effectively with our Fully Managed Testing as a Service (Taas) solutions.

An Extension of Your Team, Not a Replacement

Whether you need expert human testers to augment your own quality assurance efforts or specific help with different testing disciplines, our managed TaaS solutions let you precisely scale the capabilities you need when you need them. Our test leads can coordinate testing efforts, including functional testing, performance testing, accessibility testing and more, allowing your team to focus on other tasks without hiring or managing additional staff. We’ll meet you where you are and get you where you need to go.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t


When we're brought on a strategic parterner, we take that responsibility very seriously.

Engaging with Test IO means gaining a dedicated expert who serves not just as your primary liaison but as an integral extension of your team. This quality expert or testing manager plays a crucial role, embodying the testing process within your planning meetings and ensuring seamless integration of quality assurance into your project lifecycle and internal workflows. 

By providing ongoing guidance, these specialists bring a wealth of knowledge and insight, tailoring testing strategies and Test IO resources to align with your specific goals and challenges. Their involvement facilitates clear communication, strategic planning, and the application of best practices, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of your testing efforts.


Test IO's unique hybrid service and delivery model combines internal EPAM testing and engineering expertise with Test IO's international community of digital quality professionals. Our mission is to bring some of the best minds in development and quality together from across the world, and focus that collective human intelligence and skill to supporting and collaborating with your internal development and quality teams.


We like to say that our testing solutions were engineered by developers for developers. But we like to keep the CFO happy too.

A key benefit of Test IO's hybrid internal EPAMers/external Test IO Community is that unmatched scalability. On-demand 24/7, you can spin up the exact testing teams and resources you need when you need them, then just as immediately scale back when you don't. No wasted resources, precise control over spend, significantly increased ROI.


It's easy to fall into hyperbole and rhetoric to advertise the scope and breadth of Test IO's capabilities across managed test automation and manual testing services. But at the same time, we really are developers and quality professionals too. We understand the complexities and relationships between every stage in a development life cycle, every facet that's part of the perception of quality of the whole, and the critical roles quality engineering and quality assurance need to play to deliver exceptional products. 

"Holistic" and "end-to-end" aren't empty buzzwords for us, but pillars of our strategic quality and testing partnerships. Our mission is to help our customers idenitfy and build bridges over all of their quality and testing gaps, no matter what gaps they might be.


Want to explore how our TaaS solutions can help empower your team? 

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