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Professional Crowdtesting


Simple, Fast & Thorough Real-World Testing

Our leading crowdtesting platform gives you access to a worldwide community of testers available on demand. Setting up tests is remarkably simple, and you get real-world results in hours. 

Complementing our crowdtesting platform are a suite of open source tools developed by EPAM and maintained and extended by testing experts around the world. Whether you’re looking to visualize your test results with a machine-learning driven dashboard, implement self-healing Selenium tests or manage your test cases inside Jira, we can guide you to free and open source solutions.

How it Works


Upload your mobile app or share your website URL. We’ll distribute it securely to our testers.  


Schedule the test or start it right away using the API. The first results will arrive within an hour. 


Review detailed bug reports complete with screen shots and videos. Zoom into user insights and reviews.













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Detailed Bug Reports

Intuitive Reports
Clear titles and instructions detail how tests were configured.

Screen Casts
Screen casts show you exactly how to reproduce a bug.

Open Communication
Direct communication with reporting testers so you get answers to any bug-related questions you have.


Bug Fix Confirmation

You’ll get fast, real-world feedback to your apps.


Real-World Verification
Make sure a bug is really a bug by putting extra eyes on it.

Fast Feedback
Check the validity of software fixes within 30 minutes.

Workflow Integration
Receive bug fix confirmation results through the tool of your choice, then deploy!

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Simple Test Setup

You can set up your tests quickly and easily through our platform. 


Choose Your Goal
Set up your test and goals from predefined templates or build your own.

Specify Devices, OS & Browsers
Select the devices, operating systems and browsers you want to test. Interested to see a full list of technologies we test? Click here.

Start the Test
Start your test run immediately or schedule a start time in the future.


Skilled Testers

We have a global community of freelance testers that brings a diverse perspective to each testing engagement.


Our testers must qualify to join and are continuously evaluated on the job.

Our testers come from all walks of life across the globe to assure quality. 

Our testers sign NDAs with us and, optionally, with you, to control trusted access.

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Tool Integrations 

We adapt to work within your existing tech stack, so you don’t have to change your workflows.

Defect Tracking

Azure Dev Ops


Test Case Management




Your Process
Whatever your process, be it waterfall or continuous delivery, the Test IO platform works with you.

Your Tools
Without coding, our platform integrates with your project management and bug tracking tools. 

Your Team
We’re testers obsessed with quality. You’ll have a dedicated customer success manager who’s just a phone call/chat/email/Slack away.


Full Coverage

Whether you’re testing for website, mobile, IoT and more, we’ve got you covered. Find out more about the technologies we test here.


NelsonHall Vendor Profile

Leading analyst firm NelsonHall published an in-depth vendor profile of Test IO, highlighting our key service offerings.

Testing Capabilities

Exploratory Testing

Identifying real-world bugs requires human creativity. Speeding up the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and discovering unexpected issues demand the collective wisdom of the Test IO Community. We assemble tailored teams of global, expert digital quality professionals. Their diverse skills and perspectives, working in real-world conditions, quickly reveal hidden defects—delivering outcomes in hours rather than days or weeks.

Functional Testing  

Real-world functional crowdtesting bridges the gap between automated testing and the nuanced understanding of human users. By integrating structured functional test case execution with the dynamic nature of exploratory testing, our highly skilled professional testers offer a comprehensive and human-centric approach to software evaluation. These testers, leveraging their experience and insight, interact with your software in ways that simulate real user behavior, uncovering issues that automated tests might overlook.

Regression Testing  

Incorporating regression testing with Test IO's community of digital quality professionals ensures each code alteration is meticulously verified, uncovering unforeseen issues, with 24/7 on-demand availability. This human-centric approach provides detailed insights at an accelerated pace, ensuring your software's quality through fast, comprehensive, and precise testing. With our community's expertise, you gain the assurance of quality, enabling confident and reliable software releases.

Real Payment

Real Payment testing is vital for both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce platforms, ensuring transaction and payment processes are seamless and secure globally. Test IO's Real Payment testing offers retailers the opportunity to evaluate their systems in conditions that closely mimic actual usage, under real world conditions. By employing real credit cards in safe, controlled scenarios, retailers can confidently validate the integrity and user experience of their payment systems. This approach not only highlights potential friction points but also reinforces security measures, ensuring a trustworthy and efficient checkout process for customers everywhere.

Localization and Translation

As global audiences become increasingly diverse, brands must navigate the complexities of language to deliver exceptional user experiences worldwide. Language plays a pivotal role in transcending cultural boundaries and ensuring messages resonate with target audiences.

Leveraging the extensive network of linguistic and localization experts from the Test IO community, which spans over 40 languages, brands receive in-depth, hyper-localized insights and guidance. This approach enables precise and empathetic communication, fostering a stronger connection with diverse audiences and ensuring that every interaction is culturally relevant, impactful, and respectful of local nuance and customs.

Product Experience Testing 

Navigating the complexity of user experience requires acknowledging the uniqueness of every user, with their distinct needs and preferences. Test IO harnesses the strength of its digital experience professionals and combines it with unparalleled delivery expertise to provide comprehensive quality assessments.

By placing physical products directly into the hands of real users, Test IO ensures an authentic end-to-end product experience under real world conditions. This approach not only captures the full spectrum of user interactions but also guarantees a product experience that meets high-quality standards, tailored to satisfy diverse user expectations.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is essential in creating inclusive digital environments that cater to the diverse needs of all users, including those with disabilities. Through Test IO's comprehensive accessibility testing, we ensure digital platforms are navigable, understandable, and usable for everyone, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity.

This process involves a meticulous evaluation from digital accessibility experts within the Test IO Community, against established standards and regulations, identifying and rectifying barriers that hinder accessibility. By prioritizing accessible design and functionality, we help organizations deliver universally usable user experiences, reinforcing the importance of accessibility in building equitable and inclusive digital spaces.

User Story Testing  

Test IO's user story testing transforms uncertainty into assurance, enabling you to confirm comprehensive coverage of your website, app, or device with on-demand availability. This approach ensures that every aspect is meticulously tested against the intended user stories, guaranteeing that all critical pathways and functionalities align with user expectations and requirements.

By putting the digital quality professionals in the Test IO community to work validating that every element performs as envisioned, user story testing provides the confidence needed to move forward, knowing your product delivers a seamless and fully realized user experience.

Test Automation

Test IO elevates test automation by engaging a network of skilled professionals within its community, dedicated to developing, implementing, and maintaining cutting-edge test automation solutions. This strategic approach ensures not only the technical precision of automated testing but also its alignment with the dynamic needs of digital products.

Complementing this human expertise, Test IO incorporates AI-driven tools like ReportPortal and Alita, enhancing the value of automation through intelligent analytics and insights. These innovations streamline the testing process, offering faster, more accurate results, and enabling continuous improvement in software quality. Together, they form a robust ecosystem that empowers teams to achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness in their test automation strategies.

Transforming QA to Deliver Sustained Value

Test IO has been recognized by several organizations as a leading crowdtesting vendor, changing the way cutting-edge software teams approach QA. 



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